National Militia – SITREP

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This is a situational report for present and perspective CMF members. The use of social networking platforms is integral to our enlistment efforts. However, it should be stated that views reflected publicly by CMF members are not views held by the CMF, as outlined within the CMF Code of Conduct. Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and etc. will be closely monitored by commanders with zero tolerance for deviations.

CMF has made much progress in our efforts, we have actively organized over three-hundred national members in less than 6 months. Our numbers are growing but not as fast as we need them to. All regional commands must be at battalion level before the year 2014. For this reason we need to enlist the assistance of our enlistments. We need militia members who have been verified by their regional commanders, and retain basic office skills such as; Microsoft Excel proficient, organizational skills and etc.. If you have a candidate who can assist with enlistment coordination contact me.

CMF National Militia Status

There are regional commands that are doing much better than others. For example Central Tundra Command is well past platoon levels, with other regions following closely behind. While other regions are significantly lacking in enlistments. It should be stated, until your regional command has sufficient numbers you should read The Problem is the Solution and assimilate yourself into sites like WRAM or Three Percenters to solicit more members into the CMF. Here is the status for regional commands…

  • 1BC (MI OH PA) Squad – RC Assigned
  • 1NORCOM (ND MN WI) Unit – Need RC
  • 2ATCOM (FL GA AL) Squad – RC Assigned – Coordination efforts set for May 1st due to RC relocation.
  • 2MD (IN TN KY) Platoon – RC Assigned
  • 2NORCOM (NY VT NH MN RI MA) Unit – Need RC
  • 51MD (SC NC VA WV) Squad – Need RC
  • ARMEX (AZ NM CA) Unit – RC Assigned – Merged with CA
  • CRC (NE OK KS) Not nominal – No RC Assigned
  • CTC (WY MT UT SD CO) Platoon – RC Assigned – Coordination efforts in full swing.
  • SNC (NV) Platoon – RC Assigned – Merger with local militias, coordination in full swing.
  • TEXSTAR1 (TX) Platoon – RC Assigned – Merged with local militia, coordination in full swing.
  • WMD (WA OR ID) Squad – RC Assigned – Coordination efforts in full swing.
  • CVC (MO IL IA) Unit – RC Assigned – Coordination efforts set for May 1st upon RC relocation.

Areas like Hawaii and Alaska do not have nominal numbers. Due to this they have not been listed. It is stressed enlistments in these areas read The Solution is the Problem and standby until CMF can make contact.

CMF National Militia CENTCOM

CENTCOM will meet with regional commanders throughout the summer and their enlistments to perform status checks and reviews, while providing training assistance in areas that are lacking. If an RC needs something they should inform CENTCOM of that need.

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3 thoughts on “National Militia – SITREP

  1. Need status of 51MD…….Noticed still in need of RC……Is there any Chain of Command at all in this area? Would like contacts in the Western NC area to address needs.

  2. i see alot of traffic for southeastern wisconsin in the recruiting comments. is there any way the org could point us towards each other and get the ball rolling for the badger state

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