The Problem is the Solution – The Absence of a Militia

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You have a problem. There is No Militia in your area?

Solution: Make one! It’s called Tun’s Tavern. Look it up.

Problem: You don’t have money, you can’t pay for college, you can’t give them medical and dental. The risks of personal injury, maiming, imprisonment, and death are great.  You have nothing.

Solution: You have nothing to lose! The only way out is forward.

Dan Pink describes here what motivates people… Notice College Tuition, Medical Benifits, and money isn’t a sufficient motivator. Our Forefathers organized under the same perils. They didn’t get a ticker tape parade.They didn’t even get the benefits Vietnam Veterans got. They were abandoned…

“There are those who say: ‘I am a farmer’, or, ‘I am a student’; ‘I can discuss literature but not military arts.’ This is incorrect. There is no profound difference between the farmer and the soldier. You must have courage. You simply leave your farms and become soldiers. That you are farmers is of no difference, and if you have education, that is so much the better. When you take your arms in hand, you become soldiers; when you are organized, you become military units.

Guerrilla hostilities are the university of war, and after you have fought several times valiantly and aggressively, you may become a leader of troops and there will be many well-known regular soldiers who will not be your peers. Without question, the fountainhead of guerrilla warfare is in the masses of the people, who organize guerrilla units directly from themselves.”

You know who said that? Mao Tse-Tung.

I HATE to say this but the godless heathen red commie bastard has a point.

Mao was a tremendous leader. Have you ever heard of The Long March? This dude took 130,000 soldiers in an 8,000 mile retreat and only 4-5000 emerged. Those 4-5000 went on to form the Army that over threw the Chinese Government. We cannot be outdone by commies!

But what would cause people to march 8,000 miles facing the killer elements of the Himalayas, the Gobi Desert, and swamp lands? To face starvation and fatigue? To face an enemy determined to kill them with a vastly superior force?

I will let Major Sullivan Ballou answer that for me. His words say more on the subject than I could ever hope to capture.

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About David Black

Trained and Certified: National Registry EMT, Wilderness EMT, US Army 68W, Tactical Combat Causality Care (TCCC), Basic Life Support for Healthcare Workers, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, US Coast Guard Medical Person In-Charge, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support. International Trauma Life Support. HAM Radio Technician. Trained and Certified to Instruct: Combat Life Saver Instructor and Community Emergency Response Team Trainer. CPR, AED, First Aid.

3 thoughts on “The Problem is the Solution – The Absence of a Militia

  1. David I enjoy your articles and I couldn’t agree with you more. I am with you and will fight defend our Great Nation! Semper FI!

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
    Abraham Lincoln

  2. I agree that we are fortunate to have a George Washington whose greatest feat was giving up his power. Most revolutions are not so lucky. History proves that most revolutions end up with a worse condition than you started with. We should all heed the founders warning that we should not dispatch our leaders for light and transient reasons. It also requires us to be vigilant internally and humble. No one wants a Chairman Mao…

  3. As I was reading this article written by CMF Contributor David Black and preparing the article for release (i.e. proof-reading, source linking and etc.) it reminded me of the initial challenges I faced when creating this website. The logistical hurdles along with the implication were many and insurmountable to say the least…

    Unlike some, I have much to lose and a site of this nature presents possibly unfavorable outcomes. I digressed and realized it was better to be a part of something big and to take a risk for the good of my own country than to look after my own ass. Upon this decision, I started making contacts and bringing combat vets and other professionals relevant to our cause into the fold.

    In the absence of a CMF militia we more than encourage citizens to create their own, in fact, we tell you how to do it. Our survival skills page and other supplemental articles provide citizens the fundamental skills required to start your own militia. Until CMF reaches into your area use our articles and train, train, and train some more… We will get to you in due time…

    People are impatient, and for good reason. We are running out of time. All of our projections point towards 2014, a year where actions will have to be taken to preserve liberty. However, you must be patient! We are not organizing a bake-sale here… Train in our absence, we will get to you soon.

    Dave Black, I enjoyed reading the article, I cringed at the mention of Mao but that slimy communist shit had the logistics fine-tuned and we must be better than him…

    To our readers, enlist with usCrow to at least get your contact information to the right people. Be prepared and train diligently.

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