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usCrow has released the CMF First Edition Survival Manual for March, 2013. This survival manual is a hard copy archive of all usCrow original articles that are listed in the Survival Skills section. We have released this archive for two reasons; when power grids go down websites will be useless. So, you’ll need a hard copy in your bug out bag that you can use during such disasters. The second reason is the sale of our survival manual will aid in the building of and the usCrow CMF.

Show some support by purchasing the CMF Survival Manual 0313 on Amazon

Survival Manual Outline

Now, we never claim to be grammatical experts or even writers for that matter, however we do write original and unique survival related articles that are easy to understand, while outlining each skill in an instructional format. Having a hard copy of our manual could mean the difference between life or death. So what’s in the CMF Survival Manual?

General Prepper Guidelines

  • Introduction
  • Reasons to Prepare
  • Basic Survival Skills
  • Survival Kit Preparation
  • Basic Goods to Store

Intermediate Survival

  • Canning and Preserving Food
  • Prepare a Two Year Food Supply
  • Prepare a Two Year Water Supply
  • Emergency Water Sources
  • Physical Fitness Guidelines
  • Firearms Safety Guide
  • Essential Firearms
  • Tactical Shooting Techniques
  • Renewable Power Grids


  • Nuclear Warfare Survival
  • Viral and Biological
  • Pandemic Response
  • Chemical Warfare Survival
  • Militia Operational Guidelines
  • Improvised Firearms
  • Camouflage Techniques
  • Homemade Explosives
  • Escape and Evasion Procedures


  • Trauma Response Guidelines

Bush Survival

  • Fire Starting Techniques
  • Shelter Construction
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Emergency Communication
  • Multilingual Disaster Phrases
  • HAM Radio Frequencies

Show some support by purchasing the CMF Survival Manual 0313 on Amazon

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7 thoughts on “CMF Survival Manual 0313 available on Amazon – usCrow Archives

    • Thanks for the purchase. CMF Survival Manual 0313 will be replaced by version 0414 which is a hard copy of our archives as of February 2014 and added materials. 0414 will be released at a cost based price February 31st, at which time version 0313 will no longer be available. Thanks again for your continued support.

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