Homemade Explosives Guide for after the SHTF

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Homemade Explosives Guide

When the SHTF, there will be mayhem and mass hysteria, making a healthy repertoire of homemade explosives a worthy addition to your post disaster arsenal. However, we highly stress this information is not to be used until AFTER the shit hits the fan. Failure to comply will land you some serious charges with a considerable amount of jail time, not to mention the possibility of harm to yourself and others. This guide outlines basic mixtures of simple household items that can cause substantial damage in a variety of uses; disabling vehicles, clearing rooms, diversions and etc.

Homemade Explosives – Molotov Cocktail

Molotov cocktails are one of the most well known homemade explosives across the world. Known for their simplicity, Molotov cocktails can be made from various and common ingredients. Typically these can be used as an RCA (riot control agent), structure demolition, and many other diverse uses. The disadvantage of molotovs is their limited range (the distance you can throw them) and the burn duration (relatively low), and the depletion of resources (when at risk).

  • Glass bottle or glass container to shatter upon impact, allowing the ignited accelerate to quickly engulf its target
  • Motor Oil 25% mixed with Gasoline 50%
  • One Styrofoam cup ripped into 1/4in x 1/4in pieces, which is not required for ignition
  • Use a rag to ignite the accelerate, which can be dipped in gasoline (not drenched) enough to create a controlled ignition. Roughly 14in long fuses made of cloth should be wedged tightly through the opening, with 7in inside and 7in outside
  • Light the end of the fuse after you’ve identified your target and throw it immediately

Homemade Explosives – Pipe bomb

Pipe bombs have been a favorite in the backwoods of Kentucky and the mountains of Colorado, due to their simplicity and a substantial increase in device control. Pipe bombs are extremely illegal and even the materials required to make a pipe bomb are illegal in some states. The disadvantage of pipe bombs for a first time manufacturer is the likeliness of device failure due to gas build up.

  • You will need a 12in x 3in water pipe with fitted metal end caps that screw firmly to the ends of the cylinder, creating a relatively tight seal. You can find these in abandoned/raided hardware stores, throughout several home plumbing systems and etc
  • At the center of the pipe you will need to drill a hole 1/16 in diameter.
  • Screw one end of the cap to the pipe. Now feed a magnesium based fuse through your 1/16in hole the whole length of the pipe
  • Fill the pipe up with black powder that can be acquired at hardware stores, unneeded ammunition in a caliber you are unable to use, and certain fireworks
  • For added impact you can use; nails, spent razors, bearings and other miscellaneous items as shrapnel which will be dispersed in an uneven radius up to 100ft
  • Light the fuse, throw at your target and run like hell if it’s short (4in), if it’s a timed fused (15in or more) always stay outside the 100ft blast radius or behind adequate cover

Homemade Explosives – Acetone Peroxide

One of the easiest homemade explosives to make, it is also extremely volatile while very powerful. Extreme caution must be present at all times and the use of this solution should be taken under serious debate, outweighing to pros to the cons.

  • Mix 650ml acetone with 1000ml hydrogen peroxide in a glass gar.
  • Place the jar inside a freezer or ice chest for at least 5 minutes.
  • While waiting for the solution to cool in one jar, add 500ml muriatic acid (see pool supplies) to a separate jar of equal size. Now set this jar (cover opening with cloth) in the freezer for two hours.
  • After two hours, mix all solutions in one jar and freeze for an addition 24 hours thus creating acetone peroxide. You can verify the process is complete when a white layer has formed at the base of the jar.
  • Use as soon as possible, preferably with delayed detonation.

Homemade Explosives – Mercury Fulminate

To prepare mercury fulminate in the absence of proper detonating devices;

  • Mix 5gr mercury with 35ml nitric acid.
  • Heat gradually until the solution bubbles and turns green.
  • Pour into a small flask full of ethyl alcohol producing red fumes.
  • In 30min when red fumes turn white.
  • After 3min slowly add distilled water.
  • Extract small white crystals which are mercury fulminate, wash the samples several time and test with litmus paper to remove undesirable acid.

Homemade Explosives – Diversion Smoke Bomb

Smoke bombs are a relative solution of potassium nitrate and sugar, potassium nitrate can be found in hardware stores as a raw material or it can be found in stump remover. Smoke bombs can be used as diversions, provide defensive cover and offensive screens.

  • Pour about 3 parts potassium nitrate KNO3 to 2 parts sugar into the skillet (5:3 ratio is also good). Measurements don’t need to be exact, but you want more KNO3 than sugar. For example, you can use 1-1/2 cups KNO3 and 1 cup sugar. If you use equal amounts of KNO3 and sugar, your smoke bomb will be harder to light and will burn more slowly. As you approach the 5:3 KNO3:sugar ratio, you get a smoke bomb that burns more quickly.
  • Apply low heat to the pan. Stir the mixture with a spoon using long strokes. If you see the grains of sugar starting to melt along the edges where you are stirring, remove the pan from the heat and reduce the temperature before continuing.
  • Basically you are caramelizing sugar. The mixture will melt and become a caramel or chocolate color. Continue heating/stirring until the ingredients are liquefied. Remove from heat.
  • Pour the liquid onto a piece of foil. You can pour a smaller amount onto a separate piece, to test the batch. You can pour the smoke bomb into any shape, onto an object, or into a mold. The shape and size will affect the burning pattern.
  • Allow the smoke bomb to cool, then you can peel it off the foil.
  • You can also increase the amount of materials used in equal parts in larger containers and canisters.

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  2. I would suggest revising your acetone peroxide process! The Arabs don’t call this shit The Mother Of Satan for no reason! 500ml HCl is waaaay to much acid! it is only meant to be a catalyst for the reaction and excess acid is bad- this will get too hot and form a dangerously sensitive isomer of the preoxide and temperature needs controlling too.must Keep it 0C cold! people could get seriously hurt if they follow this “recipie” and the amount that it would make is a great deal, a couple hundred grams. 5g will cost you fingers…. This shit is VERY dangerous! large crystals will form if stored for longer than a couple days and breaking these crystals will make the lot explode- you will die! others in your company may also die! you have been warned!!!!

    • Could it be that the original poster was a government plant wanting to see if anyone harms themselves? That was a technique with the “Black Book” series and the “Poor Man’s James Bond”.

      • Who gives a fuck if they want to try to get you for looking at a website, it’s not illegal until you act, if the government fucks want to try and intimidate you into letting them violate your rights, pull out your second amendment and start making widows. These dickless fucks are jellyfish and don’t know what to do when you know your rights. Learn them love them and assert. If that doesn’t work and they push forward, a few thousand rounds will convince them and future bullshit artists. Don’t be afraid to kill those who would seek to oppress you.

      • Well you should be able to find help locally if that’s the case. Use your terrain and make some pungee pits or something.

        • The stuff that would work best would be whatever is easiest to get with what’s available

    • Please I need help, we are at a brack of civil war in my country. I need to start building . I would like to know what would work the best. Please help.

      • It depends what you’re aiming to make, there are quite a few channels that have things not intended to harm, but you can easily see how you could use them to. For example, King Of Random. As much as this may seem patronising, there’s explosive gas made from water, sugar rockets that you could apply an impact explosive to, an ACR reactor that can melt steel (obviously would kill people on touch) and a dart gun that can shoot into cinderblock. There’s also Colin Furze who’s just finished making a thermite launcher. If thermite doesn’t turn out to be enough, you could substitute it for something stronger but only if you knew what you were doing. Warning though, his tutorials are pretty vague (for obvious reasons). But on the topic of these explosives, I personally don’t know which would be more suitable, I guess it depends on the approach you’re trying to have. I doubt this would help but hopefully it does, and hopefully it doesn’t come to the situation where your country does break out in a civil war. But you have to remember that just because you can use these things, you don’t have to. So be logical and think about what you’re doing before you do it (I don’t mean ethical, I mean literally whether it will have the effect you want. But obviously think about whether you want it first.)

        And yes, this isn’t a very professional comment because I’m far from a professional so I wouldn’t recommend listening to my advice, despite me giving it anyway.

      • Seek help with local regime or paramilitary group. I’m sure that they’d have it down

  3. I found several sites to make a bomb and I found a match bomb that could come more helpful the. Most of those they take hours or minutes Match bomb takes a minute to make and could do serous damage

  4. To those concerned about the legality. Be sure to check with the BATF, they post the laws online. But here, let me help you. It is legal (federally) to manufacture explosives under 50lbs for non-commercial use. You can not transport it etc, but if you make it at home and set it off on your property, you are fine. (Check your state laws though)
    However, do NOT NOT NOT put it in any containers. That makes it a “destructive device” and you need a FFL for that. So if you love chemistry, have some fun learning to make C4 and other explosives, but be careful, don’t blow yourself up.

    Chemicals stored separately are fine. You can store Annonium Nitrate. Most states have laws pertaining to how much though. But you need a booster charge for that. Do not mix Fuel oil with it or store it near it etc etc.

  5. very interesting readin instructionsg as someone said previously ,better not try on U R first cruze.After all if you don’t know how already,how sure are U someone did not make a small error in writing down imstructioms.I make enough
    typo,s to scare me to death ! Please keep them coming,just absolutely great reading.

  6. I came to know from some of my colleagues that there are sites which literally teach how to make bombs and other stuffs which could KILL SCORES of people. To my surprise I found one though I did not do so much of research online. I really wonder how the owners of sites could give access to all people without knowing the consequences. I request the owner of such website to give only restricted log in for people who really can use the information for the betterment of the society and not to all as it might have its consequences as the material intended to be used are readily available. Also the goverment of all countries should ensure that such sites are either blocked or have restricted access. Thanks all
    The world is already hell, why add more to the existing problems.

    • Restricting information generally leads to distrustful society. So, better than restrict it might be to make sure people are aware of the why they shouldn’t use the things described on these websites.

  7. @ web administrator…All I can say is please keep all of your good info coming. I have learned so much and it has helped my prepping emensely! I do X amount of time on here and then I do X amount of time beefing up my prepping and sharing the knowledge with select friends who are with me. Sometimes, some things and procedures (how to) lack some details. Thanks for all you so here.

  8. I just find this information very interesting & could be valuable in the future should circumstances require self preservation / protection & I am not concerned that it may be monitored go ahead ….

  9. how is this site legal !!
    you are trying to teach people how to hurt each others , fuck you i will report your site ..

    • Someone call The Presidenit, Americans are exercising their rights. This site clearly states these articles are intended for after SHTF. Feel free to delete your history before they come get you and no need to report, they are aware of us.

      • got better books than you do. been collecting for a long time. would be afraid to share them, if your books freek people out!

    • If you don’t like this page than leave it and go away. This page is important to and dedicated to our future survival and exestance, yours included.

    • This is a cool site, I don’t understand why people are ignorant that they would post a comment telling you that they will report it to the government. Do you think the outcome may had been different for the Jews in Germany during the Holocaust if they would have had at least some knowledge of how to defend themselves, well they would not have been able to have defended with the use of firearms, as Hitler had taken away the right of the people to own firearms, kind of like this government is trying to do now. So wake from your fairy tail daydream and get in reality, and prepare yourself so that maybe one day you might be able to save yourself and your family from a government resort coming soon to a neighborhood near you with better accommodations than Auschwitz had.

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  10. A homemade fume-hood and both the wife and myself were Special Forces(that’s where we met)

      • Back in the 80’s It was called R.D.F.,Rapid Deployment Force now it is something else

        • My dad was part of the R.D.F before it disbanded , now the government usually uses “security companies” that work for the government in doing grey area kinda shit , anyone that used to be R.D.F was at some point a bad motherfucker.

  11. If you use that method for making a fulminate in any quantity at all, you will die.

    Be sure to use eye protection so you don’t have to be led every where you go from then on.

    Did you read the part about dying? If you are going to do this sort of thing you had better learn what you are doing, far beyond using litmus paper in some sort of fashion to keep acids away. I know why you are doing that, but do others, who might try this one?

    Gods above, I sound like a nanny but this is not trivial. I love chemistry as an avocation and this is lacking in necessary detail. We will NEED you alive after the SHTF, and things get bad. Please don’t make it worse.

  12. It should be stressed. These materials should be used post disaster, otherwise you run the risk of catching some hefty local, state, and federal charges. In addition to f**king yourself up pretty badly if you’re not a trained operator.

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