World War 3 Scenario favors the rise of Islam

In 2013, America does not face an incompetent government; it faces a treasonous government who openly neglects American defense. The Obama Administration’s motives can easily be speculated on with the wealth of factual public information and documents that are available. We would all assume the media, who requires the first amendment to operate, would be sounding the alarms and alerting the population. Sadly, this is not the case. The media is openly suppressing information, information that would easily alert Americans of a possible World War 3 scenario. Any other time in America the following facts would have spread outrage throughout the country:

  • World War 3 - The goal of Barack Obama The abandoning of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya and the ordering of commanders to stand down. Leading to their brutal murders.
  • The nationalization of health care known as the ACA (Affordable Care Act) – designed to collapse private insurance while taxing the middle class.
  • The death of Chris Kyle, a national hero was completely ignored by Barack Obama
  • Disassembling of American Armed Forces instituted before the March 2013 sequestration
  • Weakening of global relationships with allies while befriending our enemies.
  • The legalization of summary execution by predator drones of American citizens on American soil, without due process or defense.

Obama wants World War 3

If you’re just now tuning in, you may be asking yourself ‘Why is Obama doing this?’.  Consider the end-game of World War 3, and consider what you know about Obama and his communist family of Muslims, while being mentored by radical terrorists. The steps being taken by Obama could lead to this:

  1. Widespread conflict caused by Egypt and Iran militants obtaining nuclear arms supplied by North Korea.
  2. Israel becomes the target of Syria and Iran, left defenseless by the US
  3. Israel will fall and a Palestinian state will be established.
  4. The US population reaches a boiling point, causing the abolishment of a Constitutional Government due to panic after several stateside attacks.
  5. Barack Obama is elected to a third term.
  6. After reaching a twenty-trillion dollar deficit China demands payment of the debt, encouraged by Iran and North Korea who have gone unchecked by the international community.
  7. China demands America nationalize its indebted and union ran factories.
  8. US take possession of other country’s assets and nationalize factories.
  9. EU and Russia become hostile in outrage over US action.
  10. NATO ceases to exist.
  11. US forced to withdraw troops from foreign bases to strengthen its positions with its allies.
  12. Seen as a preemptive action of war the remaining Arab countries attack remaining American colonies.
  13. In the face of global economic collapse China fuels attacks on Japan and other natural resource rich countries.
  14. US creates a European alliance with EU and Russia to combat China and the Middle-East
  15. The movement of Russian troops to the east provoked the invasion of Ukraine in the western part of Russia.
  16. The weakening of the US allows Turkey to occupy Georgia and Iraq.
  17. US lose control of satellites and colonies after heavy retreat.
  18. Weakened America comes under attack by South American countries and Cuba who have become overpopulated and desperate.
  19. After being abandoned by the US, the remaining European alliance is crushed on all sides.
  20. Western and central Europe now devastated by war.
  21. Russia and China merge sovereignty to the basis of peace.
  22. China reigns unchallenged in Asia. Mature new China-India and China-Pakistan war.
  23. US, China and Russia no longer superpowers.
  24. Turkey, Syria, Iran, Egypt and neighboring countries form an Arab Military alliance, now prosperous after fueling a global war.
  25. Arab Alliance controls affairs and resources for Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Thus producing the rebirth of an Islamic world.
  26. Obama allows for Arab Alliance colonies under the guide of defense.
  27. The remaining Judeo-Christians form a fracture in America.
  28. Christianity collapses in the face of open borders with the Arab Alliance.

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4 suggestions on “World War 3 Scenario favors the rise of Islam

  1. I also note that several high powers in the US seem hell bent on not allowing an American National health service YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED !
    The best thing the UK ever did was to have the NHS HOWEVER 1 of the several worst things the UK did was to let too much be available on the NHS.
    A safety net for all not a everything is free health care system to every body even those who never have paid in.

  2. I like your World War III scenario but you should be aware that Israel has enough nuclear weapons to eradicate roughly 75% of the population of the Middle East and North Africa in thirty minutes or less and given the chaos in Syria and Egypt today I seriously doubt Israel will fall to the Islamic hordes anytime soon, conspiracy or no conspiracy. The Arab nations individually or collectively pose no conventional threat to the State of Israel or America; it’s the Iranian nuclear problem which is of greatest concern at this time.

    Don’t underestimate the resolve of the Israeli Jews to not be destroyed by Islam, if it comes down to it we will use every nuke in our arsenal against them without hesitation.

    God bless America.

    • I am not keen on nuclear war however it only takes one brain washed religious idiot to deliver a weapon like this by truck to New York. Or London or Paris etc and the s*** will hit the fan

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