Essential Firearms for Preppers

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The following list of essential prepper firearms has been compiled from several ratings based survival and firearms websites. Having the right gun that fits your needs is critical to your survival. When making your selection(s) be sure to compensate for mobility, weight, range, and ammunition availability. Each age appropriate member of your family should be trained in Firearms Safety, and armed with a gun that fits them. Never put a gun in the hands of someone who has not been properly trained. Make responsible decisions.

Firearms for Preppers – AR-15 Rifle

Essential Firearms for Preppers - Custom AR-15The AR-15 takes a well-deserved first place in the Essential Firearms for Preppers. A stock Bushmaster AR-15 fires a .223 round, this round mushrooms on impact instead of passing through clean, which equals real stopping power with a few 30 round magazines. In addition to the versatile upgrade capability, the AR’s upper receiver can be changed to accept different calibers such as; 9mm,.40 Auto, .45 ACP, 10mm and etc.. We recommend upgrading your receiver to the big-bore .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf. Pricing is currently high for these guns*

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Firearms for Preppers – Ruger 10/22 Rifle

The Ruger 10/22 made its way onto our list for several reasons; the first being ammo availability. The 22 caliber round is the most common and inexpensive round available, making it easy to stockpile and scavenge for when your ammo has been depleted. The Ruger 10/22 was specifically selected for its array of upgrades and quick breakdown. People can practice or learn marksmanship with them. They can get small game, and the 22 can be used as a secondary defensive weapon.

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Firearms for Preppers – AK-47

Essential Firearms for Preppers - AK 47The AK-47 automatic rifle is a pseudo-common gun in America, but difficult to legitimately purchase. The upside is there are semiautomatic variants available for purchase. Unlike the AR-15, the AK variant fires 7.62 x 39 rounds, not .223 rounds. The AK is incredibly durable and will take a lot of abuse, and if you’re lucky enough to find an automatic version you will make quick work of your threats firing thousands of rounds with mph taped 30 round mags or high-capacity drums.

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Firearms for Preppers – Remington 870

Essential Firearms for Preppers - Remington 870 At close range, Mossberg and Remington pump-action shotguns are extremely effective weapons, and that range can be extended with the use of slugs. Effective range for 00 buckshot is limited to approximately 25 yards. These guns are very reliable, simple to operate, and have been used in law enforcement and the military for years. It doesn’t really jam when dirty, but can jam on spent shells when the chamber gets hot, from the plastic shells that tend to expand from heat. Shotguns are great for secondary defense and breaching entry points. Their ammunition is common throughout America, inexpensive and always easy to find, making them ideal for preppers when SHTF.

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Firearms for Preppers – Springfield Armory 1911

Essential Firearms for Preppers - 1911-A1 45To some the steel frame is a negative, but steel absorbs recoil well and aids follow-up shots. Interchangeability of parts! If something breaks on an XD, you can’t go to your Glock and switch out a part. 1911’s share parts, for the most part. There are exceptions, but across the board this is a huge benefit, especially in a SHTF situation. In addition to its versatile nature the 1911 is highly customizable; grips, safeties, triggers, hammers, rails and etc..

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6 thoughts on “Essential Firearms for Preppers

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  2. Several years ago I decided to thin my herd of guns down to something more manageable in terms of Ammo I needed to have on hand. I settled on 45acp, .22LR, 223 and 12ga.. For the most part pretty common rounds. Something I overlooked and I feel you have too is the most popular handgun round in the world. 9mm Luger. I have this feeling the last handgun round that will ever be fired will be a 9mm, making it a must have handgun to have if needed.

  3. yes the handy dandy shotgun plenty of ammo to go around and it is definitely good for numerous situations.

  4. I have to agree with Q. If you can have only one gun in a SHTF situation, a pump 12 would be my choice. I sacrifice ammo capacity and range, but you make up for it with ability to reload without removing the remaining ammo in the tube, the wide variety of shot types, the durability and the “OH CRAP!” factor of racking the slide. I would love to carry a rifle, handgun, and shotgun, but should I be limited to only one long gun in a defensive role, 12 ga.

  5. Unfortunately, the top 3 weapon systems you suggested are the top 3 with weapon/ammunition shortages.

    Personally, I prefer a shotgun (but not because crazy joe says so).

    1) You can carry and deliver multiple types of payloads on a single platform; i.e. wax slugs, lead slugs, bird shot, buck shot, non-lethal, etc.

    2) Ammo is still widely available.

    The obvious issue would be a capacity. Even with an extended tube, you won’t get more than 10-15 rounds max.

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