Build a Bug Out Bag Survival Kit

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An efficient B.O.B. (‘Bug Out Bag’) is a mobile cache of various items required for surviving short periods of time when Shit Hits The Fan. The BOB should be prepared in advance since you won’t have the luxury of time to purchase or gather the supplies you need. Having an adequate and versatile Bug out Bag stocked and ready will increase your chances of survival during emergency evacuations.

Included below are notes to help you get started and an example of one individual’s BOB All members of your family or group should have a BOB, tailored to their individual needs.

The survival kit in this example is adequate for this particular individual; make sure your individual needs are satisfied.

Survival Kit Key Notes

  • Make sure your BOB is located in a convenient and secure location.
  • Alert family members (if applicable) to the location of their BOB’s.
  • Rotate stored food in your Bug out Bag
  • Store medication and prescriptions in your BOB and rotate as needed.
  • Survival requires First Aid/CPR Certification for you and your family.
  • Continuously improve your Bug out Bag as your needs change.

Recommended Bug Out Bag

Spec-Ops T.H.E. Pack – This product has been tested in the field by operators across the world, attesting to its quality. With features like these its easy to understand why:

  • Tactical Bug Out BagCordura 1000D Nylon Fabric Durability
  • #10 Zippers on Main Compartments and Outer Pockets
  • Double Layer Pack Top Eliminating Stress Failures
  • Dual Compression Straps with Load Loops
  • Removable Waist Belt and Endless Adjustments
  • MTX Harness Compatible

Bug Out Bag – Water

Store water for your BOB’s in sealed plastic containers to prevent contamination. Include a minimum of a three-day water supply or 2 quarts a day for each member of your family. Intense physical activities such as running or extreme stress will double the amount of water your body requires.  If a Bug Out Vehicle is available and you must choose between water and food, choose water. For best results include the following items with your survival kit’s water supplies:

  • Water bladder for convenience
  • Flavoring pouches  for variety
  • Water filtration straws for backup water intake
  • water purification tablets for backup water intake

Bug Out Bag – Food

Include at least a three-day food supply of non-perishable food in your Survival Kit. Dehydrated foods are absolutely essential for you BOB. Unlike canned foods, dehydrated food is freeze-dried, making it compact and light weight. It requires little water to make and takes up minimal space in your kit. Be sure to compensate for special dietary needs as required. In addition to dehydrated meals consider including:

  • C RationsHigh protein energy bars for physical activity
  • C-Rations for emergency use [See Item]
  • Multivitamins to prevent malnutrition
  • M.R.E.’s (Meals Ready to Eat)

Bug Out Bag – First Aid and Medications

First aid kits and medical supplies should be fully stocked in all BOB’s. Under-stocked First Aid Kits will cost lives in an emergency. However, medical first aid kits are practically useless if you don’t have the training to properly use the supplies. Search locally to find affordable or free courses and certification classes.

  • First Aid KitField use First Aid Kit
  • Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit [See Item]

Medication should be well thought out in your survival kit based on your needs. For example; if you have a diabetic in your group or family you will want to include insulin pens, test strips, electric portable camping cooler, and adequate rotation procedures.

Bug Out Bag – Additional Supplies

  • Solar or crank powered flashlight
  • Fire source
  • Additional clothing
  • Sanitation wipes
  • Extra cash or bartering items
  • Waterproof gear
  • Personal identification
  • Knife
  • Multifunctional tool set
  • USB Jump Drive for essential information
  • Local maps
  • Emergency blanket
  • Para-cord
  • Sunscreen repellent
  • Single person tent
  • Lighter fluid, oil
  • Entertainment for children (if applicable)

Again design your Bug out Bag to fit each individual’s needs based on their size and circumstances. Paying attention to the fine details makes a successful kit.

Bug Out Bag – Weapons

In any emergency situation personal protection is an absolute requirement; we don’t have prisons in America because society is full of angels. Rioting, looting, physical/sexual assault are common. Firearms, knives, hatchets, crossbows, non-lethal defense items such as a taser or baton, and even certain household objects will be vital to protecting you and your family members should the need arise. These tools should be properly maintained and readily available in your BOB. Most importantly, you and your family should be properly trained to use these weapons. Maintaining proficiency will help eliminate panic and greatly improve your chances of survival. Firearms safety and personal defense classes and training are readily available for minimum fees – See Example BOB

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21 thoughts on “Build a Bug Out Bag Survival Kit

  1. Wasp or hornet spray works as a good deterrent. It has a range three times greater than pepper spray. Anyone you use it on will need to go to the emergency room for treatment. Just my two cents.

  2. I have a question, is anyone familiar with a guy named Jeff Anderson? He also aids preppers with bob info, but he is selling his info. He constantly states that his info is revolutionary and blah blah, is it really worth it.. Im always seeing that bob should be fitted to our needs and situations.. but if im missing something important id like to know.. Any feedback would be appreciated.. Stay safe soldiers..

    • I wouldn’t pay for things that someone should help you with free of charge. You can find plenty of Preppers and Military personnel to help you. Screw someone trying to make a profit off of this kind of info.

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  7. Give and take..a little larger and heavier but sooo much more effective is a can of wasp or hornet spray. Has a 25′ reach and can stop a bear in it’s tracks.

  8. METT-TC analysis (Mission, Enemy, Troops, Terrain, Time Available, and Civilian considerations)

  9. Hi,

    In the event you need to use pepper spray in a shtf situation, I wouldn’t worry about damaging the perps eyes. Personally I won’t let anyone within 21′ radius of me. If its you or me dying, TTFN. I don’t plan on a firefight and will avoid it if at all possible, but will come down with a vengience upon those who wish to harm me.

  10. I can’t figure out what on earth METTC means.
    It would also depend on the season, Nova Scotia in January is a lot different then Scova Nosha in July.

  11. For non lethal personal defense, a can of Easy Off Oven cleaner is a good substitute for pepper spray. It is also more effective.

    • Agreed, as a last ditch you could use it. However, the pepper spray takes up only about 6 square inches in your bag versus a can of oven cleaner, that will undoubtedly take up to 4x the space. But still a good option for last ditch defense.

      • Oven cleaner (Lye or Sodium Hydroxide) will do permanent damage! Is this what you want?

        • Valentine,I find myself in a situation where I spray someone with oven cleaner,yes,feel I or someones elses life is in danger and thus really do not care about permanent damage.I would also really have to ask myself how did I allow myself to get to a point where oven cleaner my best defense while being grateful I had access to said oven cleaner.

  12. Seems to me that BoB’s are situational dependant. What I mean is we have a 72 hour event, a situation requiring survival for 2 to 4 weeks, and a situation where everything breaks down and there is little hope of a government establishing a satisfactory benign society. These BoB’s described here deal with the 72 hour situation but I have seen little discussion on the longer term survival requirements.

  13. I would include a different type of water container as well (i.e. Canteen with Canteen Cup or stainless steel water bottle). While water bladders are convenient for movement, they can leak and or become punctured relatively easily. If you were to include a canteen/canteen cup set, you would not only ensure you have a emergency reserve of water, you would also give yourself another way to purify water (boiling). Hell, You could even make tea or instant coffee METTC depending. I believe this is important. Losing your water source (and containment device) due to a sharp stick, poorly packed bag, or a hard pull on your water line seems like a wildly unnecessary risk.

    • After reading peoples responses on bob’s one person gets it.
      When you grab you bob you don’t know how long its for. Your bob should be tool heavy. Limit non renewable resources to a couple of days. For you military guys..theres no supply chain. You need to know how to hunt, trap, and fish. Make shelter, purify water and make fire.
      Hygiene and sanitation are critical to keeping a healthy mind and body. If anyone is interested i will post the contents of my bob.

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