Top 5 Reasons to be a Prepper in America

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Top 5 Reasons to be a Prepper

Believe it or not we use to have a common thread between us that understood disasters are inevitable. The usCrow ‘Top 5 Reasons to be a Prepper’ are incredibly more common and unending than you may realize.

Should you be a prepper?

Across the U.S. Americans have let their guards down, committing their absolute faith and confidence in the federal government’s bureaucracies that continue to drop the ball. When time and history continue to prove deniers wrong the question has to be asked, why are you not preparing for at least one of these Top 5 Reasons to be a Prepper? Think it out and understand it doesn’t take anything more than responsibility and education to prepare for SHTF (Shit to Hit The Fan).

5. Viral Pandemic

Ebola for PreppersWe have a reasonable amount of faith in our medical professionals and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), but we’re still forced to accept that a mutated strain of Ebola can spread across our globe in as little as a few weeks. From 1976 to 2011 there have been 28 known cases of Ebola (Hemorrhagic Fever) outbreaks, and three of those outbreaks were in the United States of America. There is no known cure for Ebola, and when an artificial or natural mutation occurs in its strain our country will be absolutely defenseless. Pandemics like Ebola are devastating to any population regardless of their scientific advancements. For instance, the most devastating pandemic known as ‘The Black Death’ occurred in the fourteenth century. In as little as two years The Black Death mortality rate quickly rose to approximately two hundred million fatalities. However, these cases lacked modern medicine and ‘over-night’ international travel.

Worried yet? Well, there’s a reason Viral Pandemic is only listed as Number 5 on our Reasons to be a Prepper. America leads the way in microbiology and medical advancements, including several other countries throughout the globe who don’t want the entire species to go extinct. In addition to the natural outbreak of a population leveling virus, you also have to prepare for an intentional release by man. Humans have a history of being self-destructive and unbalanced when fueled by some insane ideology, being a prepper could save your and your family’s life.

4. Cyber Attack

Hacking Attacks for PreppersThe digital infrastructure of The United States is the internet, and its not adequately protected as seen in the latest rise of publicized cyber-attacks on American interests. If our digital infrastructure does not undergo immediate advancements in defense technology the attacks will only become more frequent and more damaging. Think about it, no more money from the ATM because the world’s banking systems have been successfully hacked. Without money to exchange hands our economy would collapse, causing the remaining countries’ economies follow in America’s steps due to international banking and trading reliance, and vice versa.

The most prominent case of cyber-attacks against American Institutions occurred between October 2011 and February 2012, with 50,000 successful attacks reported to the Department of Homeland Security and 86 of attacks on critical infrastructure networks. Critical infrastructure networks such as; power grid, basic communication (cell phones, broadcasts, and internet access), water supplies, oil production and delivery, agriculture (no more food from the store). When you think about it, we continue to produce synthetic processing power advancements, making processors faster and smarter, which follow a trending escalation in the severe complexity of cyber-attacks. Common sense should tell you cyber-attack is a potential threat to you, your family and friends.

3. Economic Collapse

Be a prepper for Economic CollapseAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the U.S. Labor Force percentage of employed Americans has continued to decline since 2006. You will hear magical platitudes about these numbers, but the realities are plain as beans at times. The increase of Americans that are no longer in the labor force since Obama was elected in 2008 is no more than three times greater than the increase in the rates of the 1980’s. With governments across the globe invading the private sector it’s no surprise liquid and independent capitalism is crippled.

A devastating -.01 GDP (Gross Domestic Product) announced in January 2013 followed a continuous pattern of economic recession since 2008. According to the USDA the number of Americans who rely upon the government for basic needs has reached a record high of 47,710,324+/- or 15%. All the numbers are pointing towards economic collapse, the middle class will inevitably be taxed at a pervasive level and our Country’s economy will be finished. What’s Obama’s answer after spending six trillion dollars in four years with only negative and downward sloping results? Tax more Americans and spend more, that’s called the brass tacks. This makes economic collapse a valid reason to be a prepper.

2. Natural Disaster

Be a prepper Hurricane DisasterNatural disasters are common in America, tornadoes occur at least a thousand times every year, 12% of the population was threatened by a hurricane in 2011, mega floods occur every 100-200 years and since 1980 there has been over 410 recorded droughts. With high probability stats like these natural disasters takes a well-deserved 2nd place reason to be a prepper. Natural disasters are common enough and relatively simple enough to prepare for. A lack of preparedness contributed to the death rates of Katrina, where approximately 971 deaths were due to drowning, murder, and etc…

A basic approach to prepping would have saved countless lives in Katrina and other natural disasters with a minimal amount of preparedness required. Natural disasters are not a threat to continental and global populations but they can still do a lot of damage based on their severity. Basic preparedness and basic knowledge saves lives. Always have a means of defense and survival for you and your family.

1. WAR

In 238 Years America has been in 17 major wars, and over 47 Attacks were on American Soil and Embassies since 1920… that we know about. Pax Romana was stable and prosperous for two hundred years before its first major crisis that was well survived. Now we have countries like North Korea quickly becoming a threat to the United States and our allies, they are firmly tied to China and their government is actively trying to invade Japanese lands to pillage their natural resources through slow, but continuous strikes.

Prepare for World War

We have stood with Israel since 1948 and they are at the brink of war with Egypt (The Muslim Brotherhood whose first bylaw is Jihad) and Iran (Ran by Muslim Extremists whose first bylaw is Jihad, and we’re letting them build Nukes.), and now Barack Obama has approved sending several M1A1 Abrams Tanks and F16’s to Egypt. Now factor in Russia, who will defend Bashir Assad’s Syrian Regime and Iran if America takes action. Now you have a perfect set of circumstances for global war. This information is not being broadcasted in the main stream media and you will have to learn for yourself without being spoon fed what to believe.

So the Top Reason for you to be a Prepper or Survivalist is War, the most common disaster Americans face. Maybe having some supplies stored and firearms at the ready wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Never forget, America has a wealth of resources and the rest of the world is quickly depleting their own, by then the laws of human nature are inescapable.

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to be a Prepper in America

  1. In Isaiah 18 do you see the facts? Isaiah is a prophet.Prophets see the future.How far is he seeing ?Far enough to see airplanes? Land shadowed with wings [Hebrew 6767 tranlated it shadowed , but,it also means : whirring, buzzing and [Hebrew word 3671 means wings]. The land is shadowed with whirring, buzzing wings. This is a perfect description of an airplane. Beyond the rivers of Ethiopia but he doesn’t give a direction. North ,South, East, or West? The translators leave out the prefix in front of beyond [4480 prefix means more than in comparison]. Does he see an unknown land that has rivers far greater than Ethiopia?[whose x834 land 776 the rivers 5104 have spoiled!] 5104 means cleave and other tranlators have translated it thus. So this nation has a river that cleaves it. This nation is an awesome nation from their beginning .God asks a question will all the inhabitants of the world see? Whatever is going to happen its’ going to effect the whole world. Will they see when he lifteth up an ensign,a signal;a token upon the mountain (sometimes used figuratively as a country .More than likely a high office in this country and [when he bloweth 8628 z8800 a trumpet] will you hear? If God really blows a trumpet how many of you know that you will hear it no doubt about it . But God says will you see? The implacation is you may not.God says he sits back and watches, check out those words. This vessel coming by way of sea.[3220 even in vessels, 3627 of bulrushes, 1573 from H1572 to swallow (liquids) , water swallowing vesell . When they tranlated it years ago,even just a few hundred years ago, water swallowing vessel would sound foolish to them. But, to us ,it describes a submarine off of the coast of this nation.So if I am right, this nation is one of the most powerful nations in the world . They have many rivers and one of the rivers cleaves the nation down the middle. This nation has airplanes and may have been the first to make one.God is going to send a symbolic trump to the higest office in thier land just before this event. God is asking the whole world will they see? This nation is going to receive the judgement of God. The pruning of sour grapes. After receiving great chastizement, this great nation will give themselves to live as a godly nation unto the Lord.

  2. America is behind all of this. You always need a scapegoat to impose any kind of force & martial law is not exempt of this rule. Obama is mentioned in many of these articles, well, all I can say is that the reason most modern news sound fake is because it is. This plan has been worked on for years in advance & is coming to fruition with the grounds of any necessary excuse.

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  4. AP 50 cal 308 30-06, i think we’ll survive the intitial waves, the time is near, sooner than later, to use our arms against the orchestrators of this cataclysm, let all our brothers and sisters able to hold a firearm rise to fight this total evil and destroy its banking empire once and for all.

  5. nice website. i will be studying this site as much as humanly possible since i am so far behind the curve. having been exposed to a number of natural disasters in my travels the one thing i don’t see mentioned much is forming a network. i watch the prepper shows and all have one major weakness, simple numbers. when crowds in the hundreds or even thousands form your little group of 5 or 6 or 10 isn’t going to last long i can assure you. people, i have seen diasater up close and personal and no amount of prep will save you if your numbers are not there. sorry. if you live in a city when something goes down how will you get out when the very first thing authorities do is seal off the roads and bridges. when things get that bad the authorities bug out and seize the choke points to keep it from spreading. then they simply wait for nature to take its course and thin out the numbers before moving back in. most homes don’t even have bars on the windows let alone electrified fencing. i have seen both methods overcome by the way. when some clown lights a fire on your roof then what? if a car comes crashing through your front door will you be able to react fast enough to escape and evade? sooner or later your bug out location will run out of food or water then what? somebody will have to go in search of these things. will they have enough support while on mission and will you be able to leave enough people behind to secure your base while you are gone? what if things really get bad and the feds call in foreign assistance to restore order? we move into a whole new level here, one few of us are prepared to deal with. we need to get many more people on board, especially those with needed skills like medicine, combat skills, construction types, electicians, truck drivers, you name it. on top of all this we most somehow keep this below the radar as you are living in a dreamworld if you think the feds don’t monitor these sites. i can tell you from family members who work within the system that they do indeed. what did youn think they set up all those fushion centers for anyway? guys, listen up, america fell in 2008. communists are now in full control of the federal govt. the reason you see so many generals losing their jobs is because these guys are not willing to go along with the coming program. they will be removed until obama has his generals in place, men who will simply follow orders, no matter what that order is. what will come next is a manufactured event that will be massive enough to give an excuse for both declaring martial law and for the introduction of foreign forces under the guise of restoring order. believe me or not, i could care less. i know what is coming and i have prepared. all i can say here is those who have prepared have a small chance while those who do not have no chance at all. my advice is to form groups large enough to hold your designatede area. your only threats may not just be crowds of hungry civilians.

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