Chemical Warfare Survival

Chemical Warfare Survival

Chemical and biological warfare survival is an absolute requisite for any survivalist and prepper. Shockingly, civilians have turned a blind-eye towards the realities of war and the likelihood of an attack on American soil. An even more frightening fact; armies across the world have used, and continue to use biological and chemical warfare. The use of toxic chemicals and contagious Continue reading Chemical Warfare Survival

How to Train a Militia – usCrow CMF Primer

How to train a Militia

This primer has been strictly developed for the use of usCrow Militia Regional Commands, should you choose to join CMF you must enlist with usCrow. Otherwise, you’ll do more damage than good to our cause. First and foremost we must clarify that militias are constitutionally sanctioned organizations, unlike the National Guard militias are communities of highly trained civilians and retired/active Continue reading How to Train a Militia – usCrow CMF Primer

Prepare for a Viral Pandemic

Viral Pandemic Ebola

Viral pandemic is one of the most frightening SHTF scenarios a prepper and their family could face, even when you’re more than adequately prepared. Unlike most common disasters a viral pandemic has no visible end in sight or an enemy to combat. To prepare for a viral pandemic you must be mentally and physically prepared with a suitable contingency plan Continue reading Prepare for a Viral Pandemic

How to build a Solar Generator

This guide will go over the advanced steps to build a high output solar generator using common parts that are easily found. Making this guide crucial reading material, weather you’re prepping additional power for your bunker, or when you have depleted your post disaster fuel stores. This guide is not for novices and requires a certain level of determination. However, Continue reading How to build a Solar Generator

Nuclear War Survival Guide

You should be fully aware of the number one threat to Americans, war. If war were to break out between the superpowers, undoubtedly nuclear warheads would be launched continent to continent. So when this SHTF, you damn well better be prepared. Use this synoptic guide to prepare you and your family for imminent nuclear warfare with widespread fallout. The following Continue reading Nuclear War Survival Guide

World War 3 Scenario favors the rise of Islam

In 2013, America does not face an incompetent government; it faces a treasonous government who openly neglects American defense. The Obama Administration’s motives can easily be speculated on with the wealth of factual public information and documents that are available. We would all assume the media, who requires the first amendment to operate, would be sounding the alarms and alerting Continue reading World War 3 Scenario favors the rise of Islam

SHTF Water Sources

After reading the usCrow Two Year Water Supply Guide, you should be well aware of water’s place in your survival. When SHTF you can’t rely on your backup water supply without having a way to replenish those reserves. This guide will go over emergency SHTF water sources and sustained water sources. Emergency SHTF Water Sources Emergency SHTF water sources are Continue reading SHTF Water Sources

Two Year Emergency Water Supply Guide

This two-year water supply is relatively simple and to the point. We will attempt to focus on the most commonly asked questions and overlooked requirements. During an emergency, utilities such as water will not be available and if you’re not prepared you’re in for a world of hurt. An inadequate amount of water stored could potentially cause; painful muscle spasms, Continue reading Two Year Emergency Water Supply Guide

Steps to prepping a two year food storage supply

After learning the basics for canning you can begin to stock your two year food supply using these simple steps. If you are unable to can your own food simply purchase the necessary items from bulk food stores. In addition, you can purchase bulk two year food storage supplies like the Wise Company Food Supply (on the right) with a Continue reading Steps to prepping a two year food storage supply

Introduction to Canning for Preppers

Canning for Preppers

In this Canning for Preppers Introduction we will go over the basic canning technique used to preserve; fruits, tomatoes, jellies, jams, and many other high-acid vegetables. Canning is ideal for preppers and survivalists that own urban/rural farms. However, most farms are susceptible to environmental dangers. This fact makes canning a necessity for any prepper. Canning is really one step beyond Continue reading Introduction to Canning for Preppers