Survival Manual PDF Updates

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survival-doc-v3-preppersPublic Domain Field Manuals/Survival Manuals for Survivalists and Preppers for when SHTF scenarios and etc. has been uploaded. These files are located in this post and in Resources » Survival Documents. Our web administration team is allocating time for allocation and organization of the usCrow Survival Documents.

Prepper Survival Manual Public Domain Documents

Survival Manual – How to Start and Train a Militia Unit | Download:

Training Guide – Guide to Rappelling | Download:

Prepper Manual – Urban Preparation Kit | Download:

DOD Public Domain Manuals

US Army Combat Training with Pistols | Download:×35.pdf

USMC Summer Survival Course | Download:

USMC Winter Survival | Download:

FEMA Released Documents

Comprehensive Preparedness Guide CPG 101 | Download:…

Comprehensive Preparedness Guide CPG 502 | Download:


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