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Thank you for being a faithful visitor and contributor to the conservative prepper and survival movement known as usCrow. We are making great strides in the community, and the development of the website to better assist other conservative preppers and survivalists. In the past month we have focused our efforts on website exposure, and increasing the amount of enlistments within our organization. We currently have over 300 actively enlisted usCrow members across the United States, getting to each one of you is a slow process but that is being addressed by the increase in SNAs (There are currently 3 SNAs that are spreading the message via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Etc.) so that the administrators of our site can assign more focus to enlistment entry. If you’re a social networking guru and want to become the resistance click here and enlist.  In addition we have made the following revisions and modifications to;

  1. Monetization of Website – usCrow initially tried avoiding the involvement of monetization, however with another recession barreling down on us full swing we couldn’t continue to assume that contributions would be as strong as initially projected. With this in mind we added prepper and survival products that our members and assets, and can be purchased through our website but with Amazon as the intermediary.
    1. Survival Gear – All things survival, prepper and SHTF related.
    2. Prepper Bunker Surplus – Absolute Essentials for bunkers.
    3. Bug Out Bag Second Edition – After our first BOB post turned out to be a hit we decided to make a second one where users can purchase what we put it.
    4. Gold and Silver – Precious metals to barter with in SHTF scenarios.
    5. Side Widget Referrals – Various helpful links for preppers.
  2. Prepper and Survival Websites – In an effort to bring a more close-knit community of preppers and survivalists together we’ve added a link exchange program for any website that offers valuable information for survivalists at no cost.
  3. Social Networking Icons Bottom Footer
  4. Unpopular links removed.
  5. Additional files added to

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