Introduction into Prepping

Introduction into Prepping

From the outside looking in prepping could easily be intimidating to individuals or families who are unfamiliar with the practice. Most unfamiliar things are. When considering you and your family’s commitment to prepping and survival, you should consider if you have a genuine and rational threat you are preparing for. Most of the survival community accepts disaster can strike at Continue reading Introduction into Prepping

How to make a Silencer

Rick Grimes The Walking Dead SHTF

How to make a silencer and the knowledge to manufacture them from unconventional materials could be a critical component to your survival repertoire when the need to eliminate a target in silence is required. The following directions are simple, and in states like Nevada silencers are legal but check your state’s laws before attempting to make a silencer. For this Continue reading How to make a Silencer

How to make Tannerite, a legal compound under federal law.

Ammonium Nitrate/Aluminum Powder Also known as Tannerite. LEGAL SO you want to know how to make tannerite? Tannerite is a binary compound that is legally distributed and manufactured in the United States, and is commonly used down range with high velocity rifles. Preppers and Survivalists will find this legal mixture useful in a SHTF situation, and more pleased to find Continue reading How to make Tannerite, a legal compound under federal law.

Survival Manual PDF Updates

Survival Manual Update

Public Domain Field Manuals/Survival Manuals for Survivalists and Preppers for when SHTF scenarios and etc. has been uploaded. These files are located in this post and in Resources » Survival Documents. Our web administration team is allocating time for allocation and organization of the usCrow Survival Documents. Prepper Survival Manual Public Domain Documents Survival Manual – How to Start and Train Continue reading Survival Manual PDF Updates

FEMA Emergency Supply Kit

FEMA Guides and Manuals

Direct Reference FEMA Publication: Additional Items to Consider Adding to an Emergency Supply Kit: Prescription medications and glasses Infant formula and diapers Pet food and extra water for your pet Important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records in a waterproof, portable container Cash or traveler’s checks and change Emergency reference material such as Continue reading FEMA Emergency Supply Kit

WSU014 usCrow Website Update – Fresh items added for users.

The assets enlisted with usCrow have been hard at work with the latest round of threats coming out of Washington causing us to move up our timetable and streamline the site to be more inclusive to the general public of conservatives and preppers. So check out these new editions to usCrow and take advantage; Contact usCrow – Added under Resources Continue reading WSU014 usCrow Website Update – Fresh items added for users.

A question by what you would call an uninformed individual.

A question by a WACO… User: WACO Profile Address: What paradigm was used to decide that a well regulated militia meant that every nut had a right to own a gun? Every state has a well regulated militia called the National Guard. It was called the Minutemen in the days of the framers. The Answer by Constitutionalists… User: usCrow Continue reading A question by what you would call an uninformed individual.

Manufacturing Instructions for Improvised Weapons

Improvised Weapons Design and Manufacturing

The simplicity of these firearms means that they can be disguised as or concealed within umbrellas, canes, pens, tire-pressure gauges etc., creating very effective weapons of surprise and assassination. These weapons can be produced clandestinely by just about anyone – sure makes gun-control look like a big joke!… but let’s not get too worked up about gun-control; anyone who is Continue reading Manufacturing Instructions for Improvised Weapons

WSU013 usCrow Web Site Update

Thank you for being a faithful visitor and contributor to the conservative prepper and survival movement known as usCrow. We are making great strides in the community, and the development of the website to better assist other conservative preppers and survivalists. In the past month we have focused our efforts on website exposure, and increasing the amount of enlistments within Continue reading WSU013 usCrow Web Site Update

Herbal Formulas for Clinic and Home

Plant Formulas for Preppers

Copyright 1995 by Michael Moore.  Use it, share it, just don’t sell it or change it in any way (unless you get my permission) You can also download this document by clicking here. Need survival or prepper gear? Click here.   CONTENTS: INTRO: 1.MOUTH/NOSE/EYES/EARS 1.1 LIP and SKIN BUTTER 1.2 TOOTH POWDER  (Michael’s) 1.3 TOOTH POWDER (Jared’s) 2.GASTRO-INTESTINAL 2.1 STOMACH Continue reading Herbal Formulas for Clinic and Home