WSU012 Updates to Prepper and Survival Downloads

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These public domain documents in PDF format have been added to usCrow Prepper and Survival Downloads located here:

  1. Firearms – Combat Survival Weapons Improvised 7.62 mm SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle – Technical Description
  2. US Army FM 3-22 68 Machine Guns
  3. US Army Operators Manual for M16 and M16A rifles TM-9-1005-249-10
  4. US Army Pistol Training Guide
  5. US Army TM 9-1005-317-10 Operators Manual for M9 9mm Pistol
  6. US Army Operators Manual for AK47
  7. 203 Standardized Amateur Radio HAM Prepper Communications Plan
  8. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms JP1 02 DOD
  9. Encyclopedia of Modern US Weapons
  10. US Army Ranger Handbook
  11. US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76
  12. US Army Attack Helicopter Operations FM1-112
  13. US Army Combat Stress Control in a Theater of Operations FM8-51
  14. US Army Mines and Boobytraps FM12-43
  15. US Army Topographic Symbols FM21-31
  16. US Army Combatives FM21-150
  17. US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook
  18. US Marine Corps Survival MCRP 3-02F
  19. US Marine Corps Sniper Manual FM1-3B
  20. VAR Visual Aircraft Recognition

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