Top Threats to Preppers in a Post-Apocalyptic Survival Scenario

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Top threats for survivalists and preppers

In a post-apocalyptic scenario that has not stemmed from federal oppression or an invasion from foreign entities, there are several threats that most survivalists and preppers have not prepared for.  However, if you’re in the middle of a doomsday scenario that stems from biological outbreak, depletion of fossil fuels, societal collapse or any of the other unlikely scenarios you should develop contingency plans for one of the following threats that would ensue post-apocalypse;

Marauders assuming the identity of public officials

When disaster strikes any area a majority of Americans will look to help instead of leading their own recovery as can be seen in one of the many countless natural disasters that have hit the country such as Katrina, Sandy, 9/11, Whiteouts and Blackouts where people waited for the help of official government agencies. This lack of independence and complete faith in government officials would be a preppers downfall. It’s that blind trust and dependence that a marauder will use to their advantage, using that trust to get close to you, your group, your family and your supplies. At which time your supplies could be commandeered and even worse you and your family could lose your lives. Lone to small groups of officials are highly unlikely, so be aware of their small numbers. Use your instincts, police and military officials have a certain demeanor that is often easily identifiable. Ask several questions and vet the person(s) until your doubts are fully satisfied, by asking innocuous questions you will invoke minor but impulsive physical reactions that will either satisfy or worsen your distrust.

Disarming by federal agencies

When disaster strikes the government likes to think it knows best, and only the federal government can protect you and your family. In countless situations the federal government took it upon themselves to disarm Americans after natural disasters. A perfect example of this is Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana where U.S. Marshall’s and the National Guard confiscated thousands of firearms from law-abiding Americans. In the aftermath of the firearm seizure there were countless rapes, looting and murders that plagued New Orleans, simply because the government thought it knew what was best. Know this, never relinquish your firearms, as previously stated larger groups are better ready to deal with attempted seizure by federal agencies and regardless of their intentions or the martial laws they try to carry out, there is no regulation or executive order that will ever negate your second amendment right to bear arms. Any attempted seizure of your firearms should be responded to with hostile force.

Lack of communication

As stated in our Bug Out Bag Second Edition, having a Shortwave Emergency Radio such as the Baofeng UV5 transmitter/receiver is an absolute must have. Simply because in most apocalyptic scenarios the first breakdown of society is intercommunication, news will stop broadcasting and radio stations will stop. However if you have a shortwave HAM radio you could set up communication with nearby factions extracting information from one another, and organizing recovery responses.

Bio-hazard and Sanitation

Trash and sewage services will end as a whole, and you should prepare your property to deal with the removal of sanitation services. To deal with garbage you can set up a volunteer garbage disposal service until a structured and private system can be reestablished a simple process once the landfill site is established. In addition dispose of the departed is paramount, rotting flesh can and will spread disease which would lead to an assured epidemic since human beings have lost their natural immunity due to a culture of germ phobia. If a burial site has been established the departed should be laid to rest within 24 hours if available. When burial service is not available cremation must be used. However, if cremation and burial would expose your site at a sensitive time when your group is avoiding detection the bodies must be kept in a separate and cooled (if available) area with the ventilation ducts blocked and the room sealed.

Gangs, Marauders and Hostile Combatants

When apocalypse comes and the breakdown of society begins humans regardless of how far as a society we think we’ve come, human beings will revert to their instinctual selves. Even today, with all the advancements the human race has made we can still see mass murder, rape and other atrocities being committed. With the absence of law and order those who do not respect the law today are those who will not respect the law tomorrow, and those who try to adhere to social norms today will be the marauders of tomorrow. Be ready to defend yourself and your family at all costs, grasp your instincts and understand the new social norm, it’s either you or them.

Stay positive, stay alert, and always be prepared.

Poor mental health and the lack of a positive attitude will lead to your downfall. At all times you should keep up a positive state of mind and situational readiness. Depression and suicide can be contagious if you don’t address it before it starts. Converse with one another frequently if in a group, sing and play games with children and above all never give up hope. A poor state of mind can also drop your guard and leave you exposed to attack, always be prepared to defend yourself against potential threats.

Be Physically Prepared

In a post-apocalyptic scenario, if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, your body will be taking a massive physical toll due to high caloric consumption during exercises and basic defense drills. Not to mention, the current climate could dictate a higher demand for calories if in extreme climate conditions. Consume proper calories, exercise regularly and be physically prepared to defend yourself.

Preservation of capitalism

Undoubtedly there will be some communist traitors that survive the first event, and they will undoubtedly try to spread the cancer of communism by using the tragedy and blaming capitalism for all the world’s problems, which would be patently false. Capitalism is the only proven method of governance and societal order, establish bartering systems and the exchange of goods until a monetary system can be established.

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4 thoughts on “Top Threats to Preppers in a Post-Apocalyptic Survival Scenario

  1. I am glad to see Biohazards and lack of sanitation posted here. This will be your 1# Killer. So prevention is key. It’s not as sexy as tactical training but far more valuable. I suggest reading FM 21-10. Stock up on Pool Test Strips, Bleach, and Contractor Bags, N95 Masks, Tyvek Suits, rat traps, insect repellent, and Nitril Gloves.

  2. Excellent article! I know there’s no end to the considerations when you head down a rabbit hole concept like this but I’d like to throw out another risk to prepare for (in a slower decline)…the possibility of anti-hoarding laws and local regulations. Start practicing your operational security (OPSEC) now.

  3. Recently I saw a program about a group of preppers in Ontario with the Ark 2 project. They were talking about producing and selling a low cost ham radio based system that could easily hookup to a computer and be used for basic text communication in ranges of 30 to 300 miles. Has this product been released to the market yet? Is so how much and where do we get them, if not how soon will they become available. What other ham options are available to those of us in apartments without means of deploying large antennas
    For very long range communications.

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