WSU010 New downloads added to the survival and prepper downloads section.

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Here are some of the survival and prepper downloads we have added for all usCrow visitors. You can use all of these to enhance your preparation and survivalist skills, if you download try to contribute to support the usCrow national defense efforts by clicking the contribution link on the right side of your screen. Here are the new downloads;

Navy SEAL Breakthrough to Master Levels of Fitness
Survive! A guide to survival in any situation
Homeland Siege – Counter-terrorism Tactics
The Anarchist Cookbook
Counter-insurgency Warfare – Theory and Practice
FEMA Publications Catalog
11 Steps to Survival CEMO
5 Basic Survival Skills
Above Ground Fallout Shelter
Advice on being prepared to Bug Out
Survival Aids
Civil Defense Radiological Monitoring
Fallout Shelter Management
Biological Threat Management
Biological Warfare FAQ
Body Armor for Mines
Build a Generator From a Lawnmower
Captain Dave’s Survival Guide
Citizen Preparedness Guide
Combat Survival and Evasion
Fallout Shelter Designs
Food & Water in Emergencies
Guidelines for Mass Fatality Management
Modern Weapons Caching
Nuclear Survival Skills
Effects of Nuclear Weapons
Radiation Safety in Shelters
Recovering From Nuclear Attack FEMA
United States Marine Corps USMC Survival Guide
Wyoming Nuclear Civil Defense Program

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