9 Steps to Survive Zombie Apocalypse

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Survive Zombie Apocalypse

This zombie apocalypse survival article strays from our usual brand of emergency management and preparation articles, but usCrow has Operational Scenarios (available to all usCrow enlistments) for any situation. No matter how unlikely, even though the biggest boon to this theory has been the discovery of scientific tests currently being performed on primates to reactivate dead brain cells, in order to cure Alzheimer’s. No, usCrow is not saying grandma and grandpa will become brain eating zombies, we’re simply highlighting the correlation between the two. So here are just a few simple steps you can take to ensure the survival of yourself and your family.

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare! If this is really a threat that you feel could be a reality, then at the very least you can prepare for it. The beauty of preparing for this situation is that it can be applied to another doomsday scenario, biological outbreak. Other than weapons and a bio-hazard suit the preparations are similar, two birds with one stone and such. Things you need to stock up on (click on link to purchase);
    1. (1) Shotgun with tactical modifications such as folding stock, magazine extension, heat shield.
    2. (1) fully automatic AR-15
    3. (2) 9mm with 16 round magazines
    4. Ammo for each gun, as much as you can carry
    5. Silencers for each gun
    6. Machete or Sword and Knife that are full tang (conserves ammo and attention)
    7. Freeze Dried Food & Sealed Water (if in Metro area enough to fit Bug Out Bag)
    8. Flares, Glow-sticks, Flashlights (if in Metro area enough to fit Bug Out Bag)
    9. Full Face Gas Mask (useful if the ‘virus’ is airborne)
    10. Solar Powered Shortwave HAM Radio
    11. Light but protective body armor. Ballistic plated armor should do the trick.
  2. In a city? GET OUT! The theory is being advanced by some crack pot that when the zombies come on doomsday you should stay in the city or else you’ll get caught in the middle of the panic. That’s insane. If something like this does ever happen there will be ample warning if you’re not in ground zero. Have your route planned to exit the city and to head north or wherever you feel safest, we don’t know about you but we’re going towards the least populated area with ample resources.
  3. A group that kills together survives together. Don’t be antisocial, evaluate each persons worth and character, if you’re in sync you might as well have backup. The primary asset the living dead have is their numbers, so try to even the odds as much as possible. Defend and care for each other, the last thing in the apocalypse you want to lose is your soul.
  4. Never relax, do your due diligence. When ever occupying a building for shelter or scavenging, always clear every room, compartment and anywhere else large enough to stow away a hidden walker. When clearing the areas always stay in a group. If the situation call for your team to be split up, always stay in pairs, never go alone.
  5. Stay away from the radical religious radical ideologues. These people will cause you nothing but grief, and will most likely get you killed. Whenever times are down these people go straight to their beliefs to exploit and incite fear, which will quickly degrade the moral of your group.
  6. Stay mobile. Don’t hunker down unless you are 100 miles away from a population center. Otherwise, if you do you open your group up to the possibility of being overrun, you and your group will be in a world of hurt. Tip: When securing windows use metal when possible. Never use nails, use screws.
  7. Trust your instincts! We are hunters and are well equipped with predator’s instincts. If a situation doesn’t feel right, listen to your instincts and move on.
  8. Conserve your ammo and kill in silence. Whenever possible kill quietly using crossbows, knives, swords and etc. to avoid giving away your location. However, you need to gauge the situation, obviously if their numbers substantially outweigh yours, lock and load, run like hell to safety.
  9. Don’t believe Hollywood. Dead’s not dead until they stop moving. Who knows if a shot to the brain will take them down, give it a try to see what works!


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