It is time to rise up and crush the degenerates running this country once and for all.

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I know we’re all still licking our wounds after the most recent defeat, but you should know this, there is a fight to be had now. We will be labeled by the main stream media and politicians with the most distasteful names, but do not let this take us off course, because at the end of the day the only name that can be applied to us is Patriot. We must come together and fight to return our country to where the constitution is supreme law, not a living document, and those laws set forth within it shall be enforced at all costs. It is our right given to us by our founders that if our government becomes too powerful, corrupt and oppressive, we have the right to come together, bare arms, and overthrow those who have perverted our constitution. Together we will unite under our constitutional rights and return our government to its intended size and purpose, guaranteeing our prosperity and freedom.

For now, let the next two months be our calm before the storm, celebrate the holidays with your loved ones, regain your lost strength. After the holidays, let our movement, our revolution…begin. We have to be prepared and organized, starting 2013 all non-essential spending should be extremely limited, starve the pigs. We must also have state by state groups organized and properly directed with communication between these states moving fluidly, performing the needed directives. Each individual is encouraged to buy up any ammunition, firearms, food, water and fuel. Contact any close friend or family member enlisted in the armed forces at any level and recruit them, it is no secret that our service members overwhelmingly fear the current commander and chief with sufficient reasons to, so their recruitment should be of no difficulty.

None of us want this at all, but this is what’s needed. There is no choice now, and we’ve reached the tipping point to where there are more Americans on government entitlements than people who are not at 51% growing by more than 25% in three decades its not hard to see how we could reach 65%-70% in the next twenty years, completely handing over control of our country to progressive liberals who designed these programs with the only goal of progressing their communist nation, and destroying ours.

There will be pain, there will be hard times ahead, but when our generation gets called upon to save this country for our children’s future will we simply ignore it and say ‘tough luck’ to our children, only to reminisce about the freedoms and prosperity we lost? Hell no, we fight for our children’s future so they don’t have to live in a country of degenerate socialists.

If you feel this moment could be our finest hour please send an email with your name, phone number, location, Twitter or Facebook account (verification purposes) to If you have any questions feel free to ask. Each state will fall under the direction of a native within that state, organizing the initial orientation. This is serious folks, and we don’t really have any time left.

This starts in January.

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2 thoughts on “It is time to rise up and crush the degenerates running this country once and for all.

  1. If you really want a peaceful (hopefully) way to get control back then vote for Trump. He is the anti-beltway candidate.

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