The results are in, now it’s time to fight to eradicate federal oppression.

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It is now clear the only way to fix our country is by force.


In the 2012 election we single-handedly witnessed the end of our republic, and the death of democracy in The United States of America. With Barack Obama “winning” a second term we have lost our country to the treasonous insurgents implementing communism bit by bit into our country. Democracy is a complete sham now, and at the end of the day Mitt Romney was absolutely correct, the 47% of Americans not paying income taxes and/or on government entitlements would not vote for him or ANY non-democratic president, because their votes have been bought and paid for. Think about it, 26 million Americans are on welfare and 46 million Americans collect food stamps, of course they wouldn’t vote for him or any republican.

There is no hope for another republican or conservative to ever be elected to the office of the White House again, this has been the democrats design from day one, to buy votes through entitlements and the infection will only get stronger with each election. The more they cripple the free-market, the more government dependence will increase.

So what do we do now? We fight. We fight for our constitution to reign as supreme law and where we are truly free once again to prosper. We have to organize region by region, city by city, state by state, and develop solid lines of communication by effectively plotting strategic maneuvers (that adhere to the usCrow Rules of Engagement) while making contact with active duty service members to be recruited within usCrow or your local organization. What can you do now? Prepare yourself and your family by;

  1. Stockpiling Firearms and Ammunition
  2. Stockpiling Food and Water
  3. CCW Training and Tactical Assault Rifle Use
  4. Evasion and Guerrilla Tactics
  5. Contacting local representatives and media outlets for support.
  6. Recruiting other members.

We are going to prepare an organized response to federal oppression for when and if the time comes where our government comes to seize our private property, prosperity and our firearms, which will inevitably be followed by the most oppressive and communistic reign of power ever seen within the United States.


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