Is your BOB (Bug Out Bag) ready? Make sure you have the necessities!

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Bug out Bag Necessities

With the turmoil in the world we hope we never have to use one of these but it is better to have something you don’t need than need something you don’t have. If you haven’t gotten yours ready yet check ours out for ideas!

  1. Level III Body Armor with UTG Tactical Vest w/Right Handed Quick-draw Holster
  2. Molle Level III Insertion Backpack capable of carrying most of the items you see in the graphic above.
  3. 100′ Military Paracord – Can be used to make snares, haul gear, bind hands and much more.
  4. Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) – One MRE can be stretched over three days with low caloric burn.
  5. 3600 Calorie Packs – Split in 9 pieces to provide quick nutrition.
  6. 100′ Black Duct Tape – The absolute must have for any BOB because it will provide several different uses.
  7. U.S. Army Issued Dust, Wind, Sun Ballistics Goggle – When you have ordinance being detonated throwing off shrapnel or highly in-climate conditions are hitting you hard you definitely need to protect your eyes.
  8. Israeli Issued Gas Mask with NATO Filter – Will protect against CN Gas, Tear Gas, Smoke Inhalation, Biological Threats and other deadly airborne agents.
  9. Thyrosafe Radiation Tablets – Only to be used after nuclear fallout to prevent radiation poisoning.
  10. Safety Flares/Glow Sticks – Several uses.
  11. UTG Tactical Hip Holster – Used for my police issued 9mm Brigadier Beretta
  12. Condor Tactical Duty Belt – Has line clips and two ammo clips for quick release.
  13. Shotgun 12 Gauge Ammo, Hornady Self Defense 9mm Hollow Points, Fiocci Rounds and much more.
  14. Maglite 4D Cell Flashlight – Very intense beam with long life and can be used as a weapon if need be.
  15. U.S. Army Issued KaBar Knife – When you need to get that quiet kill or when you need to cut some chord, it will work great for either.
  16. Bushnell Binoculars – Very reliable binoculars so you can scope out an area before moving in.
  17. Mossberg 500 Tactical Folding Butt-stock 12 ga Shotgun – Can be used to blow locks or to take out multiple threats in a confined area in a quick manner.
  18. 20 in Machete – Used to clear out brush and can be used to take out a threat when ammo runs low.
  19. Baofeng UHF/VHF Transmitter/Receiver – Use this treasure to tune into Police, EMT, Fema, and Local Emergency frequencies. You can also use this radio to direct connect between two party communication.
  20. 5.11 Tactical Watch – Solar powered with timer, chronograph, compass, alarm and much more.
  21. 2 Person Tent – Always have shelter that can be sealed with traveling across the wilderness.
  22. 100 sq ft Desert Camouflage – This is a creation of mine where I purchased different types of Desert Camo (you should buy camo that fits your region, mine is a desert) and then I sewed these camouflages together to create a more blending design. You can use this as a ghillie suit when sniping or you can cover your vehicle and shelter with it.
  23. 4oz Police Magnum OC Spray – When you have a threat coming at you and you’re own rules of engagement call for suppression versus lethal force, this will get the job done.
  24. Medical First Aid Kit/Emergency Kit – Comes with bandages, gauze, q-tips, surgical scissors, alcohol, antibiotics, antibiotic ointment, matches, thread, needles and much more.
  25. 9mm Smith and Wesson Sigma w/3 Mags – Secondary sidearm holstered in UTG Tactical Vest Quick-draw holster.

What you need to have in your car (if applicable)

  1. Water – 10 Cases of 24 per pack equaling 240 liters.
  2. Gas – 4 Drums of 5 Gallons equaling 20 Gallons
  3. Food – Canned Goods, Non-perishables and Etc.

Now there are several items I didn’t list but those are firearms I don’t feel comfortable listing online but this is the basic gist of what you should have in your Bug Out Bag (BOB) but every region is different and so is every situation. We believe this BOB covers all the basics and if you don’t have any of these items you can purchase the through our Survival Gear Link.

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