The eminent American Second Civil War – Prepare Now

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Recent tweets on @AnarchyMile have generated a lot of buzz in the Twittersphere, my inbox being flooded with messages with a wide range of positive and negative reactions. The tweets I made stemmed from a consistent belief I’ve had for the past two months, that a civil war between Americans is not only eminent, but diverse in its birthing. So this article will shed light in what could not be explained in 140 characters or less on Twitter. My hope is that it will wake you up and possibly spur the development of preparatory organization while establishing response scenarios, ensuring the continuity of American liberties through conservative strength.

Let me explain this unflinching eminence, regardless of the 2012 Presidential Race winner, both sides have more than enough reasons to become hostile, extremely hostile.

Scenario A:

If Mitt Romney wins it’s the Obama supporters who blindly follow their deity on sheer faith, who will undoubtedly be convinced by the liberal propaganda machine that the election was stolen and Mitt will take away the government entitlements their families have lived on for generations, or it will be some other insane belief that’ll charge them up. Is this my soul belief that is absolutely baseless? Unfortunately, no it’s not. You can already see liberal propagandists framing a story of voter suppression, and inciting people’s irrational fears by means of divisive social issues. Now if you were to immerse yourself in these people’s social networking feeds you’d see the Occupy rejects’, radical left-wing democrats’, socialists’, and communists’ open proclamations of war and rioting. Truly frightening sentiment that makes my blood boil.

Product of Scenario A:

This scenario is preferred simply due to reliability of the American armed forces keeping outside forces such as members of the United Nations seeking to take advantage of our civil unrest. However, we will be faced with the drones who blindly follow Barack Obama solely on faith absent of rationality or logic, and those who have been addicted to federal entitlements for several generations. Our advantage will be disorganization within their ranks but the disadvantage would be the idea of having to ‘put down’ hostiles who are also our countrymen. Ideally this dissent should be suppressed by our National Guard forces and other various military forces. However, we should be organized, well armed and well prepared to hunker down if need be.

Scenario B:

If Barack Obama wins it doesn’t take a scholar to figure out that we will no longer stand for the status quo of this political culture of corruption, led by the most radical president to ever be in power. And you know what, we will have every right to start this fight for freedom once again, our checks and balances system was sacrificed by preceding generations, and it’s time for us to reinstitute it. The true American patriots that have worked hard and diligently their whole lives are simply fed up with the clear perversion of our constitution, and the ones we will have to fight will be our brethren, those who are now under the complete control of the government will be our most difficult to deal with because of their blind faith in Barack Obama and the liberal ideologies.

Product of Scenario B:

This is not good. Not only will we have potential military opposition (even though I presume the 70% of armed forces members wanting him out of the White House will join in our cause). Organization, communication and preparation are our best friends, and our armories as a whole would be greater than expected. Without going into details, because I choose to play my cards close to the vest, all I can really say is the most important thing we can do now is to communicate and prepare effective strategies while building our forces. We will be up against a fight, when our military eventually backs us the illegitimate President Barack Obama will call to his close friends in the U.N. and ask for the assistance of the very same communist dictators that support his presidency. Let me be crystal clear, we don’t know what’s going to happen, but we have to have our plans and lines of communication open.

We have developed a nasty habit, the habit of naively believing our country is immune to the same problems the world is experiencing. Read the writing on the wall, get prepared, get organized, prepare to make a sacrifice in the servitude to something bigger than yourself.

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Administrator Ryan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Administration and Management from the University of Kentucky, and has been the primary handler for since it's founding. Professional background includes over a decade's experience in survival and preparedness, graphic design, computer programming, website coding, and asset management. Personal background in mountaineering, climbing, rappelling, combat training, and big game hunting.

11 thoughts on “The eminent American Second Civil War – Prepare Now

  1. My father a former airborne green beret RCO that served in Panama had always been telling me that our fine nation is in a dire due of another civil war to undo what has been done. I’ve taken this as a load of disgruntled hoopla from an old man. I’ve then devolved an interest in Greek philosophy and Roman history. The comparison was flat out disturbing, it not only shown similarities to Rome but Imperial France with the corruptions and history and eventual collapse. One of my friends and next door neighbor told me of Alex Jones, so my over baring urge of curiosity and hunger for knowledge began to take control again. Looking into all that was found, posted and leaked. I was completely and totally dumbfounded and amazed. The ancient Greek philosophy of History repeats was completely 100% true.
    Having to struggle with fighting to enlist in the service began at 17 with PEP (Pre-Enlistment Program) until I was 21 with rejections because of childhood medications used only for 6 months (Ritalin for ADD and Zoloft for Depression) which I have over come my issues in my own way. Having a war like family that stretches back as far back as the fall of Roman rule in Britain, this was indeed a dream, destiny and purpose crusher of all time. When the Ukrainian Revolution started and having watched it all unfold from independent media teams from the protest to the Russian choppers zipping over the Ukrainian countryside with a long plethora of American Revolution movies to boot, the idea of a militia came to mind, or even if they still exist. More research was required along with more surveillance of His Majesty Obama and his gangling little crew of jesters. Seeing that one in Missouri I asked if there are any and they have directed me to this site without hesitation.
    You boys have brought me my purpose back to fulfill my family’s legacy and do what our forefathers once have nearly 3 centuries ago. My family are full of Ulstermen (irish scots) iching for Independence once again that will be to stubborn to die easy. UsCrow you have got your self a patriot, southern born and raised man that doesn’t bend his knees to no man and freedom in my heart. If any help, I’ve done some hunting in the mountains of MA and can read the way of the land along with the know how of traversing mountainous terrain.

  2. I’m stunned that this website is not seeing that the Republican and Democratic party are the same. A puppet for the one’s actually in charge. No-one who’s actually running this country/world gives a shit about the citizens. You can’t stop greed by hoping the one with the most money doesn’t want even more and won’t do anything to get it. There is no morals in money. Admiring the wealthiest 1% does nothing for this country. Nor does it do anything for communities. We are not free and we haven’t been for a long long time. I’m very appreciative for all the knowledge on this site but playing politics is just making the one’s in charge cheer because the more we fight the better for them. I’ve been waking up to a lot of things lately and I suggest that everyone question authority including your supposed Republican representatives. Politicians ( both republican and democrat) spend the majority of there time raising money…from the wealthiest corporations and people. The average person is not the first thing on their mind. Being re-elected is. Get money out of politics NOW! I could go on but I won’t.

    • Democrats and Republicans are like watching “wrestling”. Good guys vs bad guys, but at the end of the show when everyone has left the building, they’re all good friends. They make their living by putting on a good show.

  3. Wow, here it is 4/7/14 and the administration has announced the military to be reduced to smaller than WWII prior to the war. I wonder why? NOT. So I would surmise that the pResident is in fact very concerned about the military. So here we are with the D.H.S. and it’s massive ammo purchases preparing for what?
    Me thinks a civil war. By now either you get it or you just don’t want to know.
    I’m just an old hillbilly living in the woods as free as I can. Not like I’m highly educated and shit, but even a fool can see where we’re headed.

    • Hey Hillbilly, I too go by Hillbilly, and like you I live in the mountains, north california about 100 miles south of oregon. Call it what you will be it civil war or rev war II or some call it rev war III. Let’s just say that most people tuned into politics can clearly see that a conflict is near.
      I wonder how many Hillbillies are out there? Mountain folk that know their way around, proficient with riffles and certain other skill-sets. When the time comes, give em hell Hillbilly!

      • well here in NC we got walmarts selling M4s and AR15 and variants of them, up north, plenty of pissed off well armed red necks and hill billies i know of as well as down here. Oh and I cal rev war 3 😛

  4. Too bad the Israelis tried to shove Mitt 47% Romney down our throats and blocked Ron Paul who would have represented everyone AND the US Constitution and not just half the people like Mitt and Barack.

    • Too bad the Johnson, Paul and 3rd party groups didn’t vote for Mitt in 2012. He might not of been perfect but we would be in a far more advantageous position than we are in now. Don’t understand the Israeli reference, hopefully it was an auto-correct error.

  5. I think you’re right – we should be prepared. However, I don’t see this as an imminent threat regardless of who wins the election. Research has shown that the chance of a civil war happening decreases the richer the country is. So as far as America is concerned, currently we are one of the richest countries on the planet.

    With that being said, that’s where the problem comes in if Obama wins the election, which current odds have him doing just that. The last four years have been filled with out of control spending, record debt, and devaluing of the US currency. Just as the Greek government did, we continue to spend beyond our means and borrow much more than we collect in tax revenue. It’s a recipe for disaster. Any business minded individual can tell you – if America was a business, we’d be losing money and on the brink of bankruptcy. It’s simply not sustainable. If we continue at this pace, in the near future, we’ll wake up one morning to realize that it costs $100 for a loaf of bread, and $1000 to feed our families for a week. Our hard earned money will be worthless and our economy will have collapsed.

    That’s why America needs to be run as a business. Cut spending where it needs to be cut. Sorry, you can’t make everyone happy making spending cuts, but do whatever it takes to balance a budget and start digging your way out of the massive debt that we have. Mitt Romney understands business. His track record proves that. That’s why he’s filthy rich, and well deserved. Obama doesn’t understand business. And that’s why we can’t afford 4 more years of reckless abandon.

    That’s what this election should be about. Not about how Romney wants to take away women’s rights and how Obama has done so much for the LGBT community. None of that matters if our country goes bankrupt. Once that happens, say goodbye to your way of life as we know it, and get ready for the civil war.

    • Sorry, late response but I did allow for some time to pass before posting this response to see which way the winds were blowing and clearly I made a pretty good assumption.

      By looking at the current state of the Fiscal Cliff talks where we see Obama completely willing to go off the cliff to promote his communist agenda, and the Republican establishment operatives growing intensely inept in the face of illegitimate political pressures. Now all you have to do is factor in just a few accelerates, such as the latest leak of information that suggests the IRS, EPA and other government bureaucracies that have absolutely no need for weapons or ammunition, are now purchase immense quantities. Could this be a red flag for Americans that the federal government is preemptively preparing for civil unrest? Maybe.

      Well if that doesn’t seem to pass the mustard, let’s throw one more little factor in there, the United States Armed Forces. USAF Members overwhelmingly supported Mitt Romney by a 7/3 ratio, loosely translated they don’t trust or like their current Command In Chief. So, if Barack Obama intended on dictating his communist agenda to the American public, USAF would pose a threat to him accomplishing that goal because first and foremost all Armed Forces Members are required to defend the laws of The United States Constitution. The only way Barack Obama could circumvent USAF to prevent a coup or domestic defense would be to what? De-fund the military, which he has done at a neck-breaking pace with $800,000,000.00 cut from our defense budget in his first term, and with the fiscal cliff that he is more than giddy about going over that would effectively gut US Armed Forces causing a 50,000 troop reduction within the first year alone…… Is your red flag going up yet?

      Well if none of this blows your skirt up, stay tuned, because the bazaar elements of this story continue to quantify with each day that passes and usCrow CMF is more than expecting an eminent call to arms in defense of our way of life. The only way the traitors will win is by catching our people, unorganized, unarmed and woefully unprepared, which we are aggressively trying to prevent.

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