A perfect ad that intimately describes Barack Obama, what we all have been thinking about this candidate and the media.

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I seriously do not leave Fox News on all the time, in fact I’m a busybody and tend to keep going. However, I was slipping through channels to find Sunny In Philadelphia when I stumbled across Fox News airing this in response to the media completely withholding universally important information. In Benghazi, Libya, a terrorist attack that brought to light where American enemies actually are and throughout the middle east we saw the people of those countries having a twenty day party. Celebrating the downfall of an American Embassy, and the murder of four high-ranking American operatives. With no media coverage coming from any of the major news networks, it signaled the end of journalism when they then protected the current President, Barack Obama. Keeping Obama’s administration attempt to blatantly lie about terrorist attacks with a wildly absurd notion. Regardless of how irrelevant and ridiculous the story was, all of the major news broadcasting stations (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC) refused to report on it. This, my fellow Americans, is the end of journalism and the renewed birth of fascist media based propaganda controllers. We protected these people in 1st amendment of the United States Constitution, now they turn their backs on the rest of the constitution and our freedoms.

This video explains our American beliefs.

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