My conversation with an Obama Supporter through a mutual acquaintance on Facebook, hope this helps.

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Tracy L. Crofford It’s weird… after you posted this I’ve begun noticing a few other things on Facebook. People like myself who are voting for Obama are immediately being criticized as uneducated and stupid by some people (not everyone) simply because we don’t agree with their choice. It’s those people that make me not want to talk about politics at all. Just because you watch the news doesn’t mean you’re well informed, that’s the most biased of it all. I’m making an educated decision and just because it isn’t the same one others are making doesn’t mean I have to justify myself. Like I said in my PM, I believe Romney and Ryan will more negatively impact the middle class than anything Obama has ever done, and I do NOT support their views on the Constitution and civil rights. Other people may care more about different issues but those are the ones that are important to me among others. I’m glad you’re willing to hear other points of view instead of just blatantly attacking people with a different opinion, and I thank you for that!
Michael Jennings @TracyClifford I don’t mean to interject myself, so please forgive me. No one could say that every Obama Supporter is uneducated and the likes, however it is a very shocking trend for a majority of Obama Supporters. Unlike most, I intensely campaigned and supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 because I felt she would be more center than Barack (I was quickly proven right). During that aggressive campaigning I also did analysis and debate with Obama Supporters. There were two consistently common trends I have found which have stood the tests of time within the Obama Supporters, the first is that his supporters had almost no knowledge of his professional and personal past, and the second was his supporters were also negligently unaware of his core political beliefs. Hundreds of debates and conversations later there was no change in that astounding trend, ironically enough though they were completely capable of reciting Obama campaign speech lines and scripts.
However, this is not a trait held solely by Democrats, Republicans are guilty in this pitiful level of Voter awareness. It’s not our fault though either, well not completely, the moment the government started to feel like it was entitled to what we earn, was the moment we collectively accepted this as a normality. Now, countless generations later has, and we as a people fight over the scraps on the table, when the turkey has already been eaten. People swiftly forget that America grew incredibly faster than any other country before it, and produce more successful inventions and successes. America, like no other country was dedicated to the freedom and responsibility of the individual. I said was, but I digress. Each person will vote for what they believe, then that will be that, the consequences will be dealt with from either side of the debate. I just wish all Americans actually regained some passionately aware involvement, then the argument would truly be evenly keeled.

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