Why is The Anarchist Cookbook listed in the resources?

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If you haven’t noticed by now, The Anarchist’s Cookbook is available for download. This may raise the eyebrows of the sensitive natured folks who don’t have a sense of awareness in their lives. In any case, you have to understand that usCrow is an organization in which it’s very foundation is disaster preparation for individuals, and families. This book has gotten very dark stigma, due to the actions of misled and juvenile people. However, it would be intensely useful in a situation where you have to defend yourself, and your family, against an overwhelming situation. Where you will need to utilize what’s around you to survive.

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Administrator Ryan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Administration and Management from the University of Kentucky, and has been the primary handler for usCrow.org since it's founding. Professional background includes over a decade's experience in survival and preparedness, graphic design, computer programming, website coding, and asset management. Personal background in mountaineering, climbing, rappelling, combat training, and big game hunting.

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