Smile big while you blindly vote for your own enslavement

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I deliberated over this for quite some time after hearing the insane morning news chatter that is clearly now the Obama media, absolutely charged-up over an honest statement presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made at a private fundraiser stating forty-seven percent of the people voting for Barack Obama were unattainable. His reasoning was that the people who are getting government aid would obviously look after the needy and dependent lifestyle they had been accustomed to, by voting for Barack Obama.

To say the least the twenty-four hour news pundits were buzzing, and the liberal media outlets were even going so far as to say “Romney just lost the race.”. I sat there on my couch, hyperventilating from witnessing the madness unfolding before my eyes, I couldn’t believe that a presidential candidate telling the hard truth was treated like it was the most completely damning thing a candidate could ever do. Seriously?

What is it that people don’t get? Everyday, political policies are being advanced or signed into law that are designed, by intention or unforeseen consequence, to enslave Americans. Remember when Joe Biden said “They gonna put y’all back in chains.”, referring to Republicans? I thought it was funny that instantly the only criticism that was launched was that it was racially insensitive. Yet, these highly trained political pundits and proxies, on both sides of the party, not once mentioned the pure irony that a democrat claimed republicans put African-Americans in chains. What do you mean? You say.

Democrats have enslaved African-Americans and lower-income Americans.

Let me say this first, it is truly a shame that this atrocity has continued, and no one has taken any real steps to address this blatant form of slavery via policies designed to keep an entire racial and socioeconomic class in chains. Think about how just a couple of our popular government programs have been designed…

Housing such as Section 8; these types of housing programs subsidize the majority of the tenants’ rent, making the amount extremely fractional, especially when compared to average Americans’ rent. Pretty sweet deal right, who wouldn’t like having someone pay their rent? Well wait a minute, first you have to qualify, and there’s the hook, to qualify your monthly household income can’t be above $x (varies by state). Meaning you are given an incentive not to work or earn more. In my second job we’re often in Section
8 performing contracted work, and my heart breaks when I see these units, I could never imagine living there by myself, nonetheless with my children. Yet, it has now become a generational normality and most of the time they can’t see what’s so wrong about these housing structures.

Welfare Collection; you are instantly approved for Section 8, but again you’re household income can’t be above $x, just like the Section 8 qualifiers. The amount you’re paid is also based on how many dependents you have. So now not only are you incentivized to not rise above your current status, but now you have an income you did not have to work for. However, there is a work requirement, but you can work for two weeks, get fired or quit, and keep your welfare without skipping a beat. Then, depending on what state you are in you can possibly take another year off. Again, sweet deal right? Now your rent is paid for, and you were given the money in your pocket, but hey you just need to stay exactly where you’re at in life and never rise to your god given potential.

Food Stamps: food stamps are provided across all racial and social groups, in fact the majority of Americans on food stamps are white and it’s relatively a reasonable program that’s easy to qualify for based on your monthly income and dependents.

However if you’re collecting welfare and getting cash, and have your rent paid for, with food in your belly, what reason do you have to remove the shackles, or should I say raise yourself from your current standing? None, whatsoever. that’s not even grazing the surface of the government control of the lower socioeconomic class by means of bills designed to stay in the lawmakers pockets. So smile big while you blindly vote for your own enslavement.

Now factor in that 67% of Americans believe our government hands out way too much, now factor in 47% of Americans regardless of anything Romney says or does will vote for Obama. Because, either they are long time democrats, they too are on the government tit, or they are uncategorized independents. With 67% of Americans believing the sam message Mitt Romney relayed at that fundraiser, how could any pundit say this statement was damning?! Simple math people, 67%-47%=20%. In fact I think Romney should say it louder and more consistently addressing government aid reform, and reform it to lift people up and not keep them down as the democrats have.

In closing, let me stress that there are individuals and families that are physically and mentally disadvantaged, who genuinely need assistance. However, the system has become so grossly oppressive and corrupt that it is taken advantage of by not only the politicians of then and now, but also American citizens. So if you don’t agree with Mitt Romney when he says those people are victims, dependent upon the government, and hold a profound sense of entitlement, then ask who you do agree with (assuming you even know their intentions) ad what country do you envision living in. Either way keep this in mind, the democrats and President Obama are actively fighting for more government reliant programs, and entitle to force you to be more depended on the government.

I am glad Mitt Romney brought the dependency class and the corruptions it has incited to light, it needs to be corrected immediately.

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