Mitt Romney, the independent we need in the White House

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I know, I know, it sounds like complete partisanship, but least ye forget that I actively campaigned in 2008 for Hillary Clinton, at that time I believed she would represent both sides of thought well, however confusing that may seem to you. A decision I had come to after long deliberation and retrospection. As with any of my other political decisions. I had looked at her history, and to be honest, Bill’s too, because at the time it was a common consensus that he would have played a major role in a Rodham White House. I was absolutely crushed when she had lost the primary, but when one door closes another door opens. I knew what Barack Obama would do, he would steer the country so far left that it would force the country to crack it’s already crusted eyes open and see that their decisions had clear consequences.Here we are, four years later, five trillion dollars spent on corporate bail outs, the complete eradication of the world’s best healthcare system in full effect, and our employment rate has continued to stay over %8. Now, is when our country is truly fighting against the immorality of a progressive president they themselves had voted for. I get it now as I got it then, but that does not excuse the blind voting habits of our people. Had they done a fraction of their due diligence, they would have seen the nightmares to come.So where does Mitt Romney fit into all of this? Because, even though he runs with a party far too conservative for the majority of the XY generation, he unlike Barack Obama is clearly independent. Sure, he had to cater to the Republican base, but in all fairness, in this country either you’re a Democrat or a Republican. If you don’t belong to one of those parties, you’re dream of the presidency backed by their substantially large war chest will quickly fade to black.So like I said, who can really blame him for catering his spoken beliefs to be in line with the conservative Republicans. However, I digress to my original statement, that Mitt Romney is actually an independent, someone who will run his presidency from the center, slightly right.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, so you’re saying all of this right-wing rhetoric is lies and deceit?! Bolderdash! He’s a radical right-wing nut job who wants to make the gays be straight and ban abortion and you know it!”

That’s a typical response I would most likely get from a hard-line liberal, while the true conservatives would simply stand there slack-jawed until they were able to inundate a resentful grumble, only to be followed by some hand wringing and an inevitable showing of their back. Responses I wouldn’t be surprised with, nor would I be bothered by it, because they are typically the same blind voters who voted time and time again for a collective of sinfully corrupt politicians, unlike you I forgive none and let no fact escape my grasp.

Let’s dive into my new political crush with a few cliff notes of Mitt Romney, a man proven to possess a high-caliber of morality, and has led a uniquely diverse life committed to his family, businesses and his community. From raising five children to being the deacon of his church, while simultaneously championing the job creating and capital generating Bain Capital (A business venture attacked by the left-wing politicians and liberal media for the altogether fractionally minute insolvent business closures, never mind the profoundly larger fraction of countless jobs created and revenue generated. America is a capitalist country, some win, some lose, grit your teeth, try harder and stop blaming others for your failures.). After his success with Bain, Mitt Romney then went on to save the Salt Lake City Olympic Games, shortly after 9/11 the games had been steeped with corruption and was at risk of becoming insolvent. When all the media pundits and anyone else watching said nothing could save the games, Mitt Romney not only saved the Olympic games but was able to produce a substantial profit. He then went on to a governorship in Massachusetts where he championed a healthcare bill that trademarked his term, unlike the monstrosity that came out of the democrat controlled congress and senate, this healthcare bill was modest and consisted of republican and democrat ideas. Sounds kind of center doesn’t it? Hmm.. Not only was the healthcare bill that he bartered completely center of isle, but when I decided to look at his other stances on relevant issues he often provided a response or vote that was steeped in independent belief. Don’t believe me, logon to Google and start studying the candidate yourself and don’t believe me simply because I’m the guy writing the article, in short just because your being fed something, doesn’t mean you have to eat it without looking at it. A reprehensible habit of the American electorate.

To me these simple facts matter, without going into a long-winded and somewhat pompously extensive line by line list of every decision Mitt Romney has ever made. By all means feel free to investigate him for yourselves, but keep this in mind when comparing candidates; while Mitt was juggling college and his growing family, Barack Obama was stomping around with Bill Ayers and other known sympathizers of domestic terrorism (while doing rails of cocaine as long as his arm). Romney was creating a successful business when Barack was riding the desk of an honorary public position with no real responsibilities other than siding with the same public unions that are currently assisting in the bankrupting of major U.S. cities at an alarming rate, the same unions he sides with, and panders to still, to keep his campaigns funded. Facts.

Please keep in mind I have made up my mind and I am simply trying to engage you enough to spur your curiosity to give my candidate a second or first look that you weren’t willing to give him before. So clearly you can’t take my word for it at face value, I can not stress enough how you need to learn these facts on your own. In closing, I want to tell you my theory of what Mitt Romney will and will not do, which is clearly pure conjecture based on what I’ve seen up to this point;

  1. First and foremost, in the same fashion as the DNC Convention in a blatant attempt to drive home a political wedge issue, abortion. In my opinion Mitt Romney will not touch abortion issues in either one of his terms and he will keep the current law which allows abortion up until the third trimester. I’m sorry but if you’ve made it after the third trimester it’s time you take responsibility or give the child up for adoption. Either way the issue was not be touched, because by all rights it shouldn’t. In all of the critical issues that our country faces, this is not only last, but already made irrelevant by Roe V. Wade. An issue Barack clearly did nothing about during his entire presidency.
  2. If you’re gay and are concerned about gay marriage, Mitt Romney AND Barack Obama have already by action or lack there of have decided that issue will be handled at a state level. Again, two years he could have passed any bill he wanted and Obama (along with the senate and congress completely controlled by the democrats) could have cared less about the rights of the gay community during that period, but hey, it’s election season and they think you’re fabulous now, just not fabulous enough to do anything of real relevance for you.
  3. Mitt Romney will completely repeal the healthcare bill passed into law coined ‘Obamacare’, a nickname stemming from the bill that was grossly partisan and reckless. However, upon repealing the bill he will replace it with a more modest and bipartisan bill that resembles to some degree the Massachusetts bill, and it surely won’t obliterate the world’s best healthcare system and cost our children a trillion dollars not much further down the road. I’d also like to point out a blatant lie being portrayed by the Obama campaign, they say they have not raised taxes on the middle class. Guess what cowboys, According to the supreme court’s recent decision on the insurance coverage mandate that states you will be fined if you don’t buy insurance, according to them, the only way they could interpret this mandate as constitutional is to not call it a ‘fine’ but to call it a ‘tax’. There are several more middle class tax hikes coming from Barack but I encourage you to find out for yourself.
  4. He will also renegotiate NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and other trade agreements across the world that will address the economically damaging and unbalanced treaties, which will allow for equal exporting and importing. Currently we are importing much more than we are exporting, this means depressingly less American factories making goods to sell to the world and less domestic jobs. This issue should be at the forefront of the 2012 campaign, but thanks the pundits in the media it’s not.
  5. Taxes will be lowered across the board for all Americans, poor, middle class, wealthy….sounds fair to me. The loopholes and tax credits business owners take advantage of will be barred from those incentives without meeting a variable equation based quota of domestic job production, in short outsourcing will only be allowable at a fraction of what’s currently allowed. In addition he will also strengthen defense, which I hate to break it to all those able-bodied individuals looking for a hand out, but the two primary functions of our federal government is infrastructure and defense.

That’s all for now my little crows, as with anything in your life, always doubt the word and seek the truth. Have an article of your own? Sign up and submit it to the Crows so we can converse.

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