Are you really an independent voter?

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Let me precipice this with a continual thought I’ve had, why is it that the largest voting block in America is also the most under represented. In this country the two controlling parties, the Democrats, a liberal voting block who believe in prominent social programs and essentially liberal social issues (such as abortion, gay rights and etc.). The other voting block is the Republican Party who believe in small government, individual responsibility and social issues that fall in line with Christian morals. However, both of these parties, believe it or not are minorities in the voting block, yet they control the dialogue and political policies. To me, this is the shining example of the American experiment in democracy gone haywire. While still effective to some degree, it clearly illustrates how the smallest people in the room have the loudest bull horns, and the largest wallets. Precipice complete.

Which brings me to the Title of this post
You say you’re an independent voter, but are you?. Since my inception into the political environment I have been constantly barraged with people chiding their Independent Voter credentials. After a few years of hearing people’s inane political banter I slowly began to realize, most of these people are clearly not Independent voters. They more often than not tended to side with one party, and even more absurd, they blindly voted based on those party affiliations. Weather or not these people truly were registered as Independents escapes my understanding, but it is clear they are not independent, and if this sounds like you, then neither are you. Hell, even Wikipedia gives a vague description of what’s defined as independent. An even more gross example of party misrepresentation can be seen on CNN, a cable news network that touts itself as a bipartisan news organization. Even though when the press is pulled after elections it showed that they had overwhelmingly supported democrats, with an almost insignificant percentage voting for conservative candidates. At best CNN should be viewed as a center far left news organization, and not a media outlet for the center.

With clearly demonstrating the clear misrepresentation of those who would prefer to be viewed as bipartisan, let’s dive into the true definition of an Independent according to any sane or logical person…

In this case I will use myself as an example of what an independent voter truly is, all ego aside. In my decade old voting history I have often checked many different boxes and buttons, sometimes Republican, at other times Democrat, and those rare instances of ‘other’ (because I do not buy into giving up my vote for a futile candidate). My decision is never based on party affiliation. When I vote, I voted based off of the candidates voting history, personal history and perceived current standings on the challenges that face the country. A clear example of this is I actively supported Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2008 primary election for the democratic candidate, now secretary of state appointed to the position as the result of a midnight deal struck by our current President, Barack H. Obama. My support for her was based on the belief that she would have done what was needed, govern the country from the center. A quality I did not find in President Obama, based on his voting record and personal past it was clear he would lean almost radically left. John McCain didn’t even have a chance in my book, so to say the least, my vote was for other. Again, if you did not find yourself in the same quandary as me, then you are clearly not an independent, or you did not do your due diligence like I and blindly voted for someone who clearly misrepresented their beliefs and goals (but that’s for another time and place).

So with these three very simple ways of seeing how voters are obviously mis-categorized as independents, I will leave you with two more ways to test your independent salt…

  • Abortion Rights – Republican View: it is this conservative party’s belief that life starts at the time of conception. Which means the day after pill known as Plan B, would be illegal if they had their way, or any other version of an abortion.
  • Abortion Rights – Democratic View: in this liberal party they believe in all forms of abortion, including abortions well into the third trimester, and partial birth abortions.
  • Abortion Rights – A TRUE Independent: I believe what Bill Clinton once said

    “Abortion should be safe, legal and rare.

What I really think this means in my opinion is abortion is the right of the individual, if they want to take on that moral or religiously damning feeling, then by all means to each his own. However, after the second trimester an infant is more than capable of surviving and there comes a time where all parties involved must take responsibility for their mistakes and give that child the best life possible. In my opinion, third trimester and partial birth abortions are an abomination of the entire human race, and equally appalling. It is this essence of reasoning and compromise that truly defines an independent voter. Skills lost upon the parties in control.

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5 thoughts on “Are you really an independent voter?

  1. Ok thank you for the clarity on the organization I appreciate the survival manual I bought off your website keep up your good work and I am ok with allowing all Americans opinions written and believed in if its someone’s personal beliefs. Long live Freedom!

  2. I am uncertain about this website US Crow? Not sure if this may be some website designed to undermine real militia and prepper ideas out there?. I’m a registered Independent voter I have voted all over the board thru-out my life the abortion issue is an individual’s or couples decision. I am whole heartedly against (abortion) life starts at conception like the bible says it does. Its wrong to abort embryo’s and murder to kill late term baby’s! I’m an Independent voter .

    • Larry, we are the only nationally recognized militia and we operate within the United States Constitution. We have oped pieces such as this that do not reflect the CMF simply because they are opinion pieces and nothing more. Thank you for your continued support of

  3. Hi, I am not an American but I very much agree with what you have said.
    Unfortunately people in my country ( England ) vote with the same lack of understanding and the same ‘party conditioning’ and often vote for the same party for their whole lives.
    People are much better generally with propaganda than with the truth…the former requires no meaningful thought.

    • Most of the usCrow Assets and myself are Independent and Conservatives who vote as such. It is absolute lunacy to assume any one party would perfectly align itself with your values on each and every point. As an example, I find myself disagreeing with the Republican Party on several social issues, while agreeing on most fiscal issues.

      Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more apparent that this Republic has been corrupted by the Democracy of the dependent class, which has rotted our country to the core. Churning out the most morally bankrupt and intellectually daft electorate that no longer votes for the Republic, but votes for the means tested entitlements, like junkies on the tip.

      As the crow flies we have deduced that our country is on a collision course, and only those of conviction and constitution shall prevail. We shall see.

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