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Top 10 Prepper Apps

Top 10 Prepper Apps

In this guide we are going to review the top 10 prepper apps available for both Android and iPhone smartphones.  When thinking about survival or prepping we often overlook technology in the expectation of its demise after doomsday, while ignoring the possibility telecom might still exist under certain circumstances, and neglecting its usefulness until that day comes.  I’m a child Continue reading

Top 20 Ways to Reuse Household Items

20 Uses for Household Items

Ok Danger Rangers, in this guide we are going to go over 20 ways to reuse household items after the SHTF.  Here’s the reality guys, if you’re anything like me you’ve got a couple years worth of water, food, medical supplies, and household items stored up but eventually you’re going to start running out of stuff forcing you to come Continue reading

The Second American Revolution – A Definitive Guide


This guide to the Second American Revolution is the culmination of months of research, and personal debate weighing the pros and cons for writing a piece of literature that not only condones a Second Revolution, but lays out one of the most straightforward methods for achieving such a goal. At great personal risk I’ve decided that there is no greater Continue reading

Will preppers survive?

Will Preppers Survive

In this article we are going to discuss a longstanding debate, will preppers survive the apocalypse.  Sounds like a fairly superfluous question, right?  Think again, sports fans.  Believe it or not not all preppers will survive the apocalypse!  In this article we are going to discuss death after doomsday, who’s more likely to survive, who’s more likely to die, and Continue reading

Complete Body Armor Guide for Preppers

Body Armor Guide

In this guide we are going to review everything preppers need to know about body armor.  Over the past months the gun-grabbers and progressive mules have decided to target our right to protect ourselves with body armor highlighted in H.R. 5344, making it illegal to purchase or own body armor.  Here at usCrow.org we don’t care what the law says, Continue reading

Tactical Loadouts for Preppers

Tactical Loadouts for Preppers

In this guide we’re going to go over tactical loadouts for preppers.  Why should we talk about tactical loadouts?  Most people are under the impression after SHTF survival will be dependent upon your ability to outlast a disaster.  Honestly, I don’t think this is the case.  I think after the apocalypse it won’t be about outlasting disaster, it’ll be about fighting Continue reading

How to pick a Bug Out Location

How to pick a Bug Out Location

When you pick a bug out location your decision could make the difference between life and death.  Picking the right bug out location could almost guarantee your survival, but to do so there are several mitigating factors that should be accounted for.  In this guide we are going to discuss the several variables for bug out location selection, and the Continue reading

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