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Top Three Threats to all Preppers

Threats to all preppers

After searching through websites, books and watching the news or other shows, I’ve found that there are about a million different threats that could play a role in anyone’s life.  Extreme weather, natural disasters, governments, war, and the list goes on.  These aren’t only threats to preppers but everyone, prepared or not.  Oddly enough when you hear about preppers on Continue reading

Why Misinformation on Prepper Websites is a Real Threat


More than likely you’ve read some piece of misinformation. It used to be things like spam mail or something about a twenty-two pound baby being born in some remote corner of the planet. Unfortunately things like this used to be as serious as it got and snopes.com would quickly give you the real answer.   Now things are being broadcasted Continue reading

Martial Law Survival Guide

Martial Law Survival Guide for Preppers

In this Martial Law Survival Guide I am going to skim over several issues facing American Preppers and Civilian Personnel.  Now let me say this… I’ve seen some of these other Prepper Websites’ conceptual ideas of how to survive martial law, and I’ve never seen such irresponsibility in my life.  Not only do they tell you to stock up on Continue reading

Hand to Hand Combat Survival Guide

Hand to Hand Combat Survival Guide

In this survival guide we will go over some hand to hand combat techniques that will not only help you to defend yourself, but to kill your attacker with your bare hands.  Sound harsh?  Too bad, we live in the real world where murderous intent is requisite for any post-apocalyptic situation. Here’s the scenario… It’s 2020, last night’s firefight left Continue reading

How to Remove a Bullet

How to Remove a Bullet

Typically no one wants to read an article on what not to do. I shouldn’t have to write an article to tell you not to stick your hand down the garbage disposal. Yes, if your leftover hooters hot-wings clog up your garbage disposal there are ways to fix it. Doing something stupid and dangerous like sticking your hand down there Continue reading

10 must have OTC medications for preppers and 5 you don’t need!


    I was at a prepper expo and this question came up… what do you recommend putting in a first aid kit for medications. Now before I go on please look up these drugs on www.drugs.com for better information on the safety of these medications and dosing because I don’t feel like plagrizing today and they are more reliable than Continue reading

Could Mad Max like fuel crisis be our future?


 WARNING I AM NOT A MECHANIC OR ENGINEER As Bob Dylan said you don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.  I just watched Mad Max Fury Road and it was freaking awesome as fuck. I can tell you numerous things that were way unrealistic about the movie. Like apparently infection is no longer Continue reading

Intermediate Airway Management for SHTF


   What you will learn here is information that is meant for Emergency Medical Technicians. If however you are in a tactical or wilderness situation where help may be long in coming… or a SHTF situation where help might not come at all this is an easy skill set that can save lives. Basic airway adjuncts like an NPA should Continue reading

Documenting Medical Care.


   Documenting medical care is important. Sometimes it is helpful to assign this task to anyone who is really just getting in the way. POST SHTF doctors and medical professionals aren’t going to just evaporate. Really the time between injuries and illness and definative care will be extended greatly. For this reason you will have to document what has been Continue reading

Updates Concerning Spine Imobilization and Tourniquets.


   So medicine keeps changing. I wrote some articles that need some up dating.   TOURNIQUETS: Tourniquets have improved since I wrote my article on them. They have gotten cheaper and easier to use. Like soldier proof easy. Anything you can do to save time and simplify your application of a tourniquet is going to help. 3 New Tourniquets have arrived Continue reading

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