National Militia – SITREP

This is a situational report for present and perspective CMF members. The use of social networking platforms is integral to our enlistment efforts. However, it should be stated that views reflected publicly by CMF members are not views held by the CMF, as outlined within the CMF Code of Conduct. Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and etc. will Continue reading

WSU014 usCrow Website Update – Fresh items added for users.

The assets enlisted with usCrow have been hard at work with the latest round of threats coming out of Washington causing us to move up our timetable and streamline the site to be more inclusive to the general public of conservatives and preppers. So check out these new editions to usCrow and take advantage; Contact usCrow – Added under Resources Continue reading

WSU013 usCrow Web Site Update

Thank you for being a faithful visitor and contributor to the conservative prepper and survival movement known as usCrow. We are making great strides in the community, and the development of the website to better assist other conservative preppers and survivalists. In the past month we have focused our efforts on website exposure, and increasing the amount of enlistments within Continue reading

Post a Five Star Review on for

Message to users, if you get a chance – swing over to our buddies at and give a five star review to increase our ranking with their site, the higher reviews our organization gets the more traffic we’ll receive. The necessity for traffic generation to the site is absolutely integral in spreading our conservative message to preppers and Continue reading

WSU011 Status Update for all usCrow Enlisted Assets **PRIORITY**

All enlistments will be issued their acceptance and training schedules on January 1st 2013 usCrow CMF/CDF has surpassed 300 enlistments in 40 states and the number is growing rapidly. Should you have any questions respond, have them clarified with your enlistment director. usCrow has established a reasonable timeline of events that provide approximately two years of training and organization before Continue reading

WSU009 Massive Updates on

After four weeks usCrow has deployed crucial updates throughout the website to enhance engagement and user-friendliness, in addition to our bedrock foundation of community organization of defensive and offensive strategies. The following pages have been added to the site further our goals and make it easier to engage you; usCrow CMF – Primary parent page providing information about the usCrow Continue reading

WSU007 After a brief moment of confusion we’re back up.


If you had previously visited Crow you would have noticed that we were developing the website within a sub-domain on a different server. After the approval of the cross platform version the decision was made to migrate the website to Unfortunately, in that process the MySQL database was completely corrupted, beyond our understanding. However, there was a back-up available, Continue reading