Top Three Threats to all Preppers

Threats to all preppers

After searching through websites, books and watching the news or other shows, I’ve found that there are about a million different threats that could play a role in anyone’s life.  Extreme weather, natural disasters, governments, war, and the list goes on.  These aren’t only threats to preppers but everyone, prepared or not.  Oddly enough when you hear about preppers on Continue reading

Why Misinformation on Prepper Websites is a Real Threat


More than likely you’ve read some piece of misinformation. It used to be things like spam mail or something about a twenty-two pound baby being born in some remote corner of the planet. Unfortunately things like this used to be as serious as it got and would quickly give you the real answer.   Now things are being broadcasted Continue reading

Could Mad Max like fuel crisis be our future?


 WARNING I AM NOT A MECHANIC OR ENGINEER As Bob Dylan said you don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.  I just watched Mad Max Fury Road and it was freaking awesome as fuck. I can tell you numerous things that were way unrealistic about the movie. Like apparently infection is no longer Continue reading

The State Militias

State Militias

Leadership in vertical organizations is a merging of Leadership by influence, and compliance by choice. To work both the upper and lower echelons must be working towards the same goals, or at least compatible goals. The better leaders understand this and phrase their directions as such. In our Militias this is most important! Since their inception Militias have always been Continue reading

The Problem is the Solution – The Absence of a Militia


You have a problem. There is No Militia in your area? Solution: Make one! It’s called Tun’s Tavern. Look it up. Problem: You don’t have money, you can’t pay for college, you can’t give them medical and dental. The risks of personal injury, maiming, imprisonment, and death are great.  You have nothing. Solution: You have nothing to lose! The only way out Continue reading

A question by what you would call an uninformed individual.

A question by a WACO… User: WACO Profile Address: What paradigm was used to decide that a well regulated militia meant that every nut had a right to own a gun? Every state has a well regulated militia called the National Guard. It was called the Minutemen in the days of the framers. The Answer by Constitutionalists… User: usCrow Continue reading

Barack Obama, the final step of the communist takeover in America

Barack Obama Communist Socialist Traitor

In 1963 the American congress met to review what would be known as the 45 Declared Goals to achieve communism in America. It is your patriotic duty to review what evidence exists today and make an educated decision based on these facts and the facts you find in your own investigation. The 1960’s was a horrible era, we’re taught that Continue reading

It is time to rise up and crush the degenerates running this country once and for all.

I know we’re all still licking our wounds after the most recent defeat, but you should know this, there is a fight to be had now. We will be labeled by the main stream media and politicians with the most distasteful names, but do not let this take us off course, because at the end of the day the only Continue reading

The results are in, now it’s time to fight to eradicate federal oppression.


  It is now clear the only way to fix our country is by force.   In the 2012 election we single-handedly witnessed the end of our republic, and the death of democracy in The United States of America. With Barack Obama “winning” a second term we have lost our country to the treasonous insurgents implementing communism bit by bit Continue reading