Top 10 Prepper Supplies

Top 10 Prepper Supplies

Here at usCrow we often get asked what are the best prepper supplies.  When it comes to prepper supplies there’s no one perfect list that’ll fit everyone’s needs.  With that in mind we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 prepper supplies.  These supplies were picked based on rating, review, times purchased, and personal use. To view reviews and ratings Continue reading

What to put in your EDC Tactical Day Bag

Tactical Day Bag EDC

Throughout the prepper, militia, and readiness blogs and websites there runs a common thread. That thread centers around a come as you are scenario. The possibility that you will have any notice is slim and none. This is why I keep wondering about who is writing the articles that call for you to return home and secure your BOB (Bug Continue reading

Storm Preparation Guide

storm preparation guide

Back a few years ago I was taking the F.E.M.A. Online Courses and the course I was taking was about Continuity of Operations. This course brought my education to an end with FEMA. What I learned was that if a house in my neighborhood caught fire and the Walmart up the street caught fire at the same time the neighborhood Continue reading

Come on Down! Senior Militia Members

Senior Militia Members

Many things effect our ability to do certain things. However nothing stops us from doing what is right. When we see our nation making wrong turns we feel that sense of dread creep up in our hearts. Well today is one of those days. This nation is rocking along on a flat tire on it’s way to another unwanted war. Continue reading

FEMA Emergency Supply Kit

FEMA Guides and Manuals

Direct Reference FEMA Publication: Additional Items to Consider Adding to an Emergency Supply Kit: Prescription medications and glasses Infant formula and diapers Pet food and extra water for your pet Important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records in a waterproof, portable container Cash or traveler’s checks and change Emergency reference material such as Continue reading

Herbal Formulas for Clinic and Home

Plant Formulas for Preppers

Copyright 1995 by Michael Moore.  Use it, share it, just don’t sell it or change it in any way (unless you get my permission) You can also download this document by clicking here. Need survival or prepper gear? Click here.   CONTENTS: INTRO: 1.MOUTH/NOSE/EYES/EARS 1.1 LIP and SKIN BUTTER 1.2 TOOTH POWDER  (Michael’s) 1.3 TOOTH POWDER (Jared’s) 2.GASTRO-INTESTINAL 2.1 STOMACH Continue reading

7 Major Mistakes in Food Storage by Preppers


Note: we dug this guide out of the trunk and could not find the original publisher, hopefully the trackback will help, however we found this one too good not to put up.   A month or two ago I met a cute little gal who was talking to me about her newly begun food storage. You know, she began, I’ve Continue reading

Poisonous Medicinal Nutritional Wild Plants for Survivalists and Preppers


We would much more prefer staying within the safety of our shelters and prepper bunkers, however it’s a possibility you will be pushed out from the safety of your shelter when faced with a hostile group. When this occurs you will need to start utilizing your surroundings to sustain your life and defend yourself until another suitable shelter can be Continue reading

EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulses and what preppers and survivalists can do.

EMP Electromagnetic Pulses for Survivalists and Preppers

Nuclear weapons can have devastating effects. Usually, one thinks only of the blast, thermal, and radiation effects as they relate to the human body. However, considering only these factors ignores some of the other devastating effects. One such effect is that of the nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The effects of the nuclear electromagnetic pulse must be considered and calculated when Continue reading

Top Threats to Preppers in a Post-Apocalyptic Survival Scenario

Top threats for survivalists and preppers

In a post-apocalyptic scenario that has not stemmed from federal oppression or an invasion from foreign entities, there are several threats that most survivalists and preppers have not prepared for.  However, if you’re in the middle of a doomsday scenario that stems from biological outbreak, depletion of fossil fuels, societal collapse or any of the other unlikely scenarios you should Continue reading