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How to Make Tear Gas

How to Make Tear Gas

Tear Gas, also known as Capstun ‘capsaicin’ is the active oil in red peppers. If you don’t think something derived from a pepper can be as good as CN or CS tear gas, think again. Even if a person is maced, he can still function if he is motivated enough. Capstun is an irritant that will cause nasal passages to Continue reading

Keep your cool and survive disaster with mental preparedness

Keep your cool and survive being mentally prepared for disaster

You will never face an environment like that of a battlefield, and when the shit hits the fan you better be mentally prepared to survive any disaster.  Whether your group is under heavy enemy fire or just trying to survive in a barren wasteland – lives are at risk.  Any survival situation will seriously test your will to live. Post Continue reading

Fortify your home against attack in five simple steps

Fortify Your Home Against Attack in Five Steps

You’ve decided to shelter in place, either of your own free will or under the advice of emergency management personnel (insert ad hominem here). While we strongly recommend bugging out to a secure location outside metropolitan and rural areas the reality is – not everyone has the bankroll for that. So sheltering in place is the only option for some Continue reading

Bug Out Bag BOB Survival Kits Version III

Bug Out Bag BOB Survival Kit

As of February 2014, this will be the third edition of our Bug Out Bag recommended items. Our BOB Survival Kits are refined by usCrow.org writers and active/retired service members who have tested the gear we recommend in an effort to keep our users informed with the best information. Your gear is important, and what you decide to invest your Continue reading

How to reload 40mm Nylon Cases


We are not liable for the unsafe or unlawful use of the enclosed materials. You assume all risks in the use of the materials and understand that these materials may be unlawful to use in certain configurations in some local, state, or federal jurisdictions. You shall hold us harmless for any claims that might be alleged or proven to be Continue reading

Building Clearing – Introduction to Tactical Raid Techniques


In this guide we will review tactical building clearing techniques that will assist in the training of militia members and the survival minded individual. These techniques can be applied to present day scenarios and post-disaster scenarios when your objective requires your team to enter a building that could possibly house enemy combatants. Your unit will need to understand the differences Continue reading

How to kill Predator Drones UAVs

How to kill Predator Drones

This article will explain some rudimentary techniques for disabling or killing a Predator Drone UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). This information is the product of several months of source research and evaluation. Before you attempt to get on your soap-box, please understand in the event of a civil war, predator drones will be the government’s primary weapon against Americans. Were you Continue reading

Ammunition Ballistics Guides

Ammunition Ballistics Guide

A firm knowledge in modern ammunition should be standard among survival groups and militias. Such knowledge includes; production of new ammunition, reloaded ammunition, SOP for tactical combat operations and etc. To download any one of these guides you can right click ‘download’ and select save as, or simply select the file you’d like to view without saving… Ballistics and Ammunition Continue reading

MERS Virus the New Global Threat

MERS Virus

usCrow contributors tend to focus on communism, war, and tyranny. However, we clearly outline several other threats the survival and prepper community should be prepared for. Viral Pandemic is listed in our Top 5 Reasons to be a Prepper, and with viruses like MERS it’s not hard to see why. Now, I rarely like citing the WHO (World Health Organization) Continue reading