WSU014 usCrow Website Update – Fresh items added for users.

The assets enlisted with usCrow have been hard at work with the latest round of threats coming out of Washington causing us to move up our timetable and streamline the site to be more inclusive to the general public of conservatives and preppers. So check out these new editions to usCrow and take advantage;

  • Contact usCrow – Added under Resources with all of our social networking profiles listed in one place and a catchall email address for general questions, comments and concerns. Click here to view.
  • Social Icon Floater – Located to the bottom right of users’ browsers making sharing usCrow easier.
  • Login/Comment Integration – With all of the profiles people have established and the understanding of how much a pain it is to sign up for yet another site we have integrated Facebook, Google, Twitter and WordPress into our Login and Commenting System, simply authorize the app and go.
  • Aesthetic Change – The background of usCrow was slightly edited.

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About Administrator Ryan – The Survival Site for Americans – Mission: Provide Americans guidance to preserve their life, liberty, and happiness. usCrow regularly publishes unique survival articles written by service members, private contractors and civilians specializing in; emergency management, combat medicine, combat, survival, prepping, etc. Authors are permitted to publish any article relevant to the protection of American lives. Readers are permitted to share online articles. Administrator Ryan has been the primary handler for usCrow since it's founding and has written hundreds of articles for this and other survival sites, while assisting in CMF coordination efforts.

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